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Accu​Battery Pro apk can be downloaded to your favorite smart Android device. It also shows you battery usage information and further optimize its usage.
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February 17, 2020
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Once downloaded and installed, Accu​Battery Pro Apk can be downloaded to your favorite smart Android device. It also shows you battery usage information, where you can easily determine which applications drain your battery faster and further optimize its usage.

Some applications have been accused of having special features of the AccusBattery APK, but all they do is simply optimize the use of your batteries on a daily basis and inform you about the condition of the battery itself.

Accu​Battery Pro Apk Latest Version 2020 For Lifetime

The Power of Battery combines a variety of tools in one package to serve as a fast, easy-to-use and fast charging solution for your smart Android device.

The app allows you to view battery usage data, including the apps that blow the most power at any time, as well as access to a range of energy saving settings and presets that allow you to tweak your settings to get the most out of your available juice.

Finally, the loading tool kills all background apps and provides a loading time estimate before and after plugging in.

People who want to use a low mAh battery capacity will be satisfied with their AccuBattery app, which is the best choice for them. What do people do when they charge their device, and is it a good choice or not?


This entry is aimed at those who have no desire to spend or pay, but are interested in AccuBattery Pro. The appearance is intended to show you how much charge you have and how much consumption you are likely to get from each charge.

The battery per apk is designed to monitor the gauge so it can help you save battery life. Battery HD displays the expected battery life, battery consumption and charge status of the battery, as well as beep monitoring as a battery saving function.

What is Accu​Battery  Apk, and Why Does it Popular?

The Accu Battery App reminds you of the time when the battery charge of your device has reached 80%. Scientific studies have shown that the battery life can be extended by 200% if the device is charged to 70% or 80 +.

All your current devices are equipped with the best battery monitoring app and you can get detailed information about the state of the battery.

The app has a power saving feature that helps you configure your device’s settings to maximize battery life.

How To Download Accu​Battery Pro Version For Free?

It displays a list of active background applications, so you can use the battery life of your phone’s resources by selectively shutting them down or alternatively putting your favorite apps on the whitelisting list.

Dfndr – battery is one of the best battery apps because it acts as an energy saver and provides useful information about the state of the battery. Here are some tips to help your iPhone or Android device last long and last longer.

It also offers a number of ways to save energy for an entire day, such as using a battery saver, an energy saving app or even an energy management app.

About Official Accu​Battery Apk

On the Pixel 4 running Android 10.0, battery data is included in the menu, but to perform a proper battery health check, you need to turn on a third-party solution.

The information on the device includes battery health, and it is available both in the Google Play Store and on Google’s official website.

AccuBattery is one of the top rated apps to get additional information about your Android device’s battery, and it is available in the Google Play Store.

Main Features Of Accu​Battery Pro Apk or Mod Apk

  • AccuBattery pro already offers a wealth of battery information in free mode, but in – app purchases remove ads, add a darkly amoled – friendly theme and add detailed battery statistics to the notification tablet.
  • Android users looking for crisper details when it comes to battery life might want to take a look at the GSam Battery Monitor, which offers a simple – easy-to-use – way to quickly see which apps are using battery life.
  • App Sucker also allows you to dig deeper; it can display apps by battery used, as well as list apps with the highest battery consumption.
  • Use Dark and AMOLED black themes to save energy.
  • Access to historical sessions older than 1 day.
  • Detailed battery statistics in notification.

Accu​Battery Mod Apk Download For Android [Latest Version]

In addition to the current usage statistics, you can specify the period and timeframe in which you see the statistics. You can also view time estimates for battery life based on current and historical usage.

The Battery Monitor feature provides detailed information about how long a charge has taken, as well as the current state of the battery.

Dfndr battery comes with a number of screen saving features, such as a customizable performance profile that can be triggered by time and location, a screen saving feature that saves energy and reduces brightness to save power, and more.

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Tips and Tricks for Accu​Battery Mod Apk

AccuBattery combines detailed battery monitoring with a convenient charge alarm that informs you about overcharging your Android device and the current state of the battery.

Users can access their battery status, including the estimated runtime based on previous usage. ibackupbot is designed primarily to create backup files and other content for the iPhone and also includes the ability to check the battery status of your device, including its current state and charging speed, as well as the battery level.

Accu​Battery User Reviews:

The app estimated a capacity of 3600 mAh for a brand new 4000 mAh battery on the first full charge (that is 90 %). On another phone, for a 3 year old 3200 mAh battery it estimated a capacity of 2500 mAh (that is 78 %). Battery capacity estimates feel fairly accurate, but I don’t have any other way t…

I just purchased a Galaxy S8. Nice app, but the only problem is that the “Battery Health” meter is only showing just a blank reading. “- – – ” The main reason why I installed AccuBattery. This function does not work on my 7 day phone. This phone also has the latest android “PIE” pre-installed. Pleas…

Perfectly tuned to do what it’s supposed to, which sadly is hard to find lately. This app will let you know everything you need to about your battery so you can make educated decisions about your apps consumption and charging devices and cables. Amazing stuff. You should without a doubt at least giv…

AccuBattery is a wonderful app for keeping track of your phone’s battery life and the battery’s degradation over time. It also has a useful alarm that activates when you’ve reached a certain change when charging, which you can customize or turn off entirely. It’s one of my favourite features in Accu…

Love it. Used it for 1 day and was so impressed I felt obligated to pay to support the devs. Its awesome, gives a lot of info (almost too much, takes time to get a handle on all the numbers). The biggest issue of modern smartphones, especially ones like mine that have 30 Watts and above charging (On…

Note 8 I do like the app helps me find out which apps are draining and just how my battery is performing in general. I give it 4 star as at times it will not track my battery at all. Though the problem seems to be not having the notification bar turned on as with it off, it would not monitoring my u…

Since smart phones have come out, I have never reviewed an APP but the chance to save my phone battery by giving me all the information is amazing if your dependant on your phone and get tired of upgrading every year because the battery starts to wear out. I highly suggest using this app and if it t…

I’ve been using this app for maybe like 3 years now (and I bought the Pro version) and so far I’m very satisfied. The usefulness of this app is way beyond what I’ve paid for it. Although I do like to suggest that maybe you guys could also implement a low battery alarm, besides the regular alarm? Oth…

This app is amazing! It seems to accurately measure cable quality and current flow, and the pro version is worth every penny, as it comes with a suite of useful functions to monitor the health of your battery! It’s great being aware of all the data it provides and it’s so damned easy to use! Amazing…

Interesting app. In the battery capacity graph, it would be great to see a distinction in the history of the health. Which data point was the last and which was the very first? There is no way of to tell – it doesn’t appear to be a pro feature either.
Not compatible with Galaxy S20+ shows 4370 capacity but the biggest problem is the battery capacity will keep resetting while charging at 4290 back down the 4100 under the estimated real time battery life counter on the charging screen while charging. It will count up again over and over in repeated…

Excellent app. I use it mostly to keep track of my real battery capacity. I have a suggestion though: it would be nice to have a button that resets current battery capacity calculations. Since battery degrades over time, its real capacity decreases, and the app does calculations using measurements f…

Shows me everything I need to know, including the amount of capacity that’s been lost over time – so now I definitely know that I have to order a new battery rather than just hoping I’m making the right decision to replace. Also great tips on keeping batteries running long and strong – this is some …

This has been a very helpful app. I have got a lot of use out of it. I was a little hesitant to download the app at first. I am so glad that I did my battery life has improved tremendously. The app is so easy to use and the app really breaks down the battery usage and that has been informative and h…

This app is absolutely great! I can set the percentage I want my phone to be charged at and it will stop charging to prevent battery wear! There’s just so many great features about this app!! I also enjoy the app can be running in the notifications on the pull down bar! Tons of content loaded into t…

It is a little bit of information overload at first, but the info boxes are quite helpful. I think the app works great for helping you know how your battery is being used. However, it appears the app itself also puts a load on the battery. Bahh Heisenberg! Seriously though I recommend this app. The …

A very good app and I found was very accurate on the battery health. It was a little hard to get used to at first trying to figure it out but after that I really enjoy the app. It also helped me keep my battery life up. I would recommend this app Samsung user.
This is the first or second time I rank a nice app with a low score because of the confusing purchase detection mechanism. Each time I uninstall it and reinstall it, when I press the Upgrade to Pro or the recover button the disturbing toast jumps out to show “requested inventory update from Google P…

Highly recommend! It’s fun for me to review the AccuBattery results, which tell me a precise measurement of the condition and performance of my battery, not only relative to my particular device, but to that of other user’s as well. Was interested to know that their research recommends charging it t…

Been using this app for over a year now. Works well, monitors my battery performance over time. I can safely say it helps to prolong battery life by practicing good care(ie charge till 80%, shorter discharge/charge cycle). It also helps to monitor charger and cable performance, can detect faulty cab…

The battery health seems a tad off even after several recharges. Cpuid shows it more accurately and that my battery capacity is in range of normal for a newer phone. I like the alarm however to remind me to pull my phone as I constantly let it sit on the wireless bass and hit 100.


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Batteries have a limited lifespan. Every time you charge your device, it wears out the battery, lowering its total capacity. Scientific research shows that battery lifespan can be extended up to 200%, when you charge your device to only 80%.

– Use our charge alarm to prolong your battery lifespan.
– Discover how much battery wear was endured during your charge session.


– Measure real battery capacity (in mAh).
– Use the charge alarm to prolong battery lifespan.
– See how much wear your battery sustains with each charge session.
– Look up the discharge speed and battery consumption per app.
Remaining charge time – know how long it takes before your battery is charged.
Remaining use time – know when you will run out of battery.
Screen on or screen off estimations.
– Check the percentage of deep sleep, when the device is in standby mode.
Ongoing notification for real time battery statistics at a glance.

Final Words

What I was about to say was that I think that the Accu​Battery Pro Apk is really cool. it’s a little bit different  but a lot of the things are still the same. So yeah if you guys want me to keep on doing More like this, I will do it and if you also want me to test out other apps don’t forget to let me know.

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