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Become the lord and master of a real medieval castle! Accept new subjects, assign them and educate them! Download hustle castle mod apk to enjoy this features.
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March 23, 2020
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Hustle Castle: Medieval games in the kingdom MOD Apk [Unlimited Money]

Become the lord and master of a real medieval castle! Accept new subjects, assign them and educate them! Download hustle castle mod apk to enjoy this features.Today I’m playing castle hustle because it’s been on my recommendations for what every day practically when I’m playing other games.


So I thought I’d give it a go so here we go all right I think is a puzzle thing I think I think I’m not too sure all right my lord the abyss lord has captured. the royal castle he has captured the king and his daughter that is your bride freedom as fast as you can to do that you need to fight the enemy.

The enemy army the castle walls attack attack attack attack attack let’s act like one woohoo right here we go sharpening our swords and spears it looks good alright here we go well what we’re doing lazy creatures behold my power the abyss Lord used a forbidden spell your army vanished.

So did the king and his daughter this dirty beast wants to execute the king and marry me yuck are you going to save me in the first place your people will die in the darkness and princess Olivia will be my wife

  • Repair our barracks construction right okay okay press that barks upgrade grateful for speed up.
  • Let’s begin training warriors send a free subject to the barracks top and hold unit to move right.
  • There arm your warriors I’m gonna forget with my equip quit I quit there we go there is so equipment for another fighter in the warehouse.
  • Soldier of fortune armor okay sword quit so a thousand apples 2500 pieces of gold and 250 gems.
  • okay right the Warriors are ready to pursue the abyss Lord with the save any captives he could not have gone far map we were transported through some woods full of beasts.

What is Hustle Castle Mod Apk, and Why Does it Popular?

Attack looks good I think this is ad nearly 10 million downloads right yeah. Sir am I doing that or not did I do that right rewards what’s going on right victory home you have saved a few people from your army my lord now you have a few more subjects.

Okay we need to fortify our castle for the battles to come first build a dining halls here dwellers have enough food right produces food there you go we should hurry speed up the building process you can do that any time speed up the air.

Great you can name move the subjects rescued from captivity to the castle okay where is he going in there now that life in the castle has been established you should go back to commanding your army my lord okay go back to the map.

How To Download Hustle Castle Mod Apk

We are following the tracks of the abyss lord who abducted your bride back to the orc woods blue troopers okay mister take that one I’m not doing anything right so one night one 300 what’s in that chest right mm-hmm we captured a treasure chest in the battle.

It’s in the warehouse now take a look at what’s inside okay open open what’s in there ching swords apos money my lord we need to upgrade the throne room to be able to further upgrade the castles rooms.

Okay that chair looks really familiar where I seen something a lot before oh here we go upgrade yes please five right you are managing the castle brilliantly remember your actions will always be handsomely rewarded okay clean reward. Thank you very much my lord I have told you everything.

I know about castle keeping from now on you’ll you will do fine on your own okay donald the glorious and I will always be in the vicinity we will help you if something goes wrong good luck my lord right story on quests going get rid of that enter your name for mk tv.

There we go confirm confirm right so what’s in the market as one thing their stores food 400 gem gold pieces okay build that speed up for free thank you very much right graphics are really good actually wait clear seller level one.

About Official Hustle Castle: Medieval games in the kingdom

That’s in there repair arsenal well I haven’t got 15 died although gems of my instant how many gems of a got instant throne room required level for a three room acquired right was a three room it’s at frame real upgrade instant claim market.

When we’re going to support increases population okay yeah some more magic to speed up the building process speed up for free if you send two subjects to the living room you can soon have babies in the castle no one knows where they come from but it works.

Where knows where babies come from okay right grab that one there we go well done give your subjects some time and the castle will soon fill with babies laughter my lord you can build new rooms and I pray to existing ones operating the barracks and fighter training ring is most important.

It will greatly increase your fighting power okay you can nip around write a greeting peace your fighting power okay 64 right where’s the three right there so I can’t get there were three upgrade 45 yep I’ve got 250 oh right through room upgrade 45.

Gameplay Of Hustle Castle: Medieval games in the kingdom

Level four right so now I can’t great that repetto I can repair that instant yes please clean thank you very much she’s got apples in there okay that nine yet arsenal upgrade hundred and seventy nine gems I don’t think so right can we claim reward yes please.

I knew upgrading the dining hall upgrade instant need to resolve the problems in the castle first what problems or problems I didn’t see any problems upgrade instantly why is he unhappy well okay right so now upgrade instance 443 I survey excessive.

What’s she doing right here we go shall we coming fight or not let’s fight let’s fight attack fifty your squad does not have enough units you can send a dweller to the barracks and equip them with combat gear or take your current squad start by now right send the turret to the barracks right no send it to her to the barracks.

Right home where’s the barracks the barrels no barracks then you go quicker quicker mom there you go is he confused with why is he confused right mm-hmm striking orc woods battle glade attack here we go fight it’s the same you can a steep pick.

Who you fighting does all the fighting for you all right so they’re all dead woohoo right there’s a chest let’s go back there’s been two out first I which is great I really hate orcs they kill and rob people but the worst thing is they blow their noses into their hands.

Our escapes are reporting that they are about to prevent us from chasing the abyss lord and are waiting for us on the road a good opportunity to rid the world of several of them yeah I’m not by little thank you but no right claymore yes please [music] where’s that chest aaron we’ll get that one open yes please hmm bow and 6:9 apples and 263 gems here we go no sherwood no.

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Tips and Tricks for Hustle Castle Mod

  1. Let’s get rid of that what’s always what’s away stuff no there’s nothing in there none okay she’s got apples okay all right good luck is that all previous messages yeah event field okay uh right so just as heart attack again or woods carnivorous all right here we go digging.
  2. The moat polishing our armor like that might go ooh man dang [music] get him game jim jim I was easy lost the man though man damn right what’s going on alright the orcs who the orcs who ambushed us got what they deserved nice fighting.
  3. Sir I’m not buying anything right he’s unhappy she’s got me or she’s angry alright there’s money up there right [music] someone’s tired this isn’t what the advert was talking about though it’ll look a puzzle game to me if anybody’s seen the advert for this game please tell me if this is what you think it was [music] armored castle view a castle editor note.
  4. I’m saying there upgrade no great living room no I’ve only caught 111 gems that’s not good anything over here delete the husband the right one work a special offer for you five pains flat no thank you production training a production produces food yeah I’ll gather there we go speed up for free.
  5. Just cash in their work is anything else in their training production miss galini’s treasure nope oh davy chest nice open sword well my wife I was going right click here to coin on it no you’re okay right close daily chest note was 13 hours to go mythical chest no treasures support training right treasury produces gold right okay they’re great for free there we go not bad little gain.
  6. Definitely not why I was expecting well what do one would do one more fight if I can and then I’m gonna sign off a tag I haven’t got three men there’s for them I think I’m gonna die yeah I’m gonna die oh wow did he just blow me up man dang right home get all this stuff.
  7. Then we shall go yeah sir our escape saw a hankerchief in your camp ahead they think it might belong to our kidnapped bride olivia it’s terrible I dropped it you must take you from those beasts.

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Final Words

What I was about to say was that I think that the Hustle Castle Mod Apk is really cool. it’s a little bit different  but a lot of the things are still the same. So yeah if you guys want me to keep on doing More like this, I will do it and if you also want me to test out other apps don’t forget to let me know

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What's new

Also, this replace features:

- Commemorative event emblems

- New guns and combat sets

- New player ranking sorted by using power!



User reviews

apophosdad **

March 21, 2020


It's a very interesting game, however there are not enough explanations on what to do with each room, each level and each sequence to maximize effect. It is obviously a long-term goal but it takes longer to learn some of these secrets than it does to play the game. Also, the matchups for so-called e...

John Wilson

March 22, 2020


Somewhat fun and somewhat addictive. But, the PvP aspect is blatantly a money grab. Once you get over 2 mil in gold, if you do not have premium time expect it to take 2 to 3 times as long as normal to get to 3 mil. As an example, I was attacked something like 7 times in 2 hrs by people 3-6 times my ...

Hasri Hasnan

March 23, 2020


I rate this one star because of 5 things: 1. The stupid mechanic that does not allow fighters to automatically train after levelling up. The need to hire a goblin is a sly move. 2. Everything takes too long. Balance the mechanics a bit. 3. In my case I cant purchase any in game currency which is rid...

Andrew Aldridge

March 22, 2020


The game is fun in the beginning. Then you realize that the only way to get good gear, or 100% complete events, is to pay a ton of money. I gave the game a break for almost a year. Periodically checking new events. They just get worse and worse. Along with becoming more and more expensive. If you do...

Tracy Melton

March 22, 2020


I like the game. I enjoy alot of the activites you get to do like building the castle, up grading, building family, having emergencies in the castle to fix and the daily things to do to get money and other rewards. The only reason I gave a 4 star rating is because no matter what I do to up my people...


March 23, 2020


This game is great and fun. Sure if u put money in it then it would be better but playing it free is still awesome, they are very considerate. With everyone have to stay home, they were nice enough to give us pretty nice reward not just 1 but each day, so far, its been 3 days. Hope's its everyday an...

Shane Leifer

March 22, 2020


Was fun at first, then after awhile you realize that every time you reach a milestone in power they match you against people who are much more powerful than you, every time. It would take a lot of time to catch up with anybody who pays for the best gear and they will never match you against an equal...

erik cadle

March 5, 2020


The game is decent, It's a good time killer. But just like most games now you have to pay to advance. If you don't pay you will be relentless be attacked by other players and will end up losing your resources that you would have used to build up. Myself I have purchased several packs for special eve...

True Texan

March 21, 2020


Their servers are really badly screwed up. Impossible to get rewards for your efforts . You have to watch about 50 ads. To try to get a measly credit, and then it dosent pay out after hours of trying. When you try to get help they tell you to wait a few more hours for it to work ( which it never doe...

Jase Currie

March 21, 2020

Fun and entertaining at first. Then very long waiting for enough resources to level up by chapter 3... then when you have enough... it takes like8 hours for a level up to finish. Kills the games appeal at that point. Trying it for 2 days... gonna give it a few more but... its killing me already... A...

Megan Maynard

March 9, 2020


The arena is either too easy or too hard. I never get to play with people at my level. I have level 55 toons right now and i'm expected to play with people that are 4 to 8 levels higher than me, or way lower. Leveling up anything is a loooooong grind and becoming less fun. I should just go back to p...

Christian Garnier

March 14, 2020


Pretty good game. The only improvements I would like to see is better matchmaking (changing criteria for finding opponents, some people abuse the trophy system). It's fun to get into and find clans that you can play with as well. My final gripe with the game is the incessant events, I think the comp...

cam bob

March 16, 2020


After a while on this game, you'll realize that the further you gain a tiny progression the harder it becomes, I mean if you don't pay, you're going nowhere. You won't be able to win a single combat in the arena because you're always the weakest , the same thing in the others events. What a waste of...

Aurora Lark

March 11, 2020


Entertaining, well-balanced, fun, fair. I have not played it for long but so far I haven't seen any downsides. You don't need to spend $ in order to enjoy it, although like all mobile games it can help you level faster. Rewards you get for watching in-game ads are actually very useful and valuable, ...

Xx240 BakerXx

March 11, 2020


After numerous hours and money spent in the game, I got a new phone and although the game was linked to my game center it made me start a new game and it linked to the new account, effectively ending the original game. I dealt with customer support and they wanted a copy of my passport or driver's l...

Michelle Smith

March 15, 2020


Been playing it for over a year.. seems like it's yet another game that requires you to spend your personal money to buy resources/gems to get anywhere decent.. trying to attack others constantly to save resources to upgrade a room, only to constantly lose what you gain, as constantly being attacked...

Thomas standingwater

March 7, 2020

It's not what was advertised, but it is kinda fun. When do we get to play the pull pin puzzle game. It's at the point where it's going to become very expensive, or take more time for upgrades than the game is worth. I'll play for a little while longer. It's not worth spending real money yet though.

Anthony Zaffiro

March 6, 2020


I got screwed out of 9600 Diamonds. I responded to the reward offer of downloading Raid:Shadow Legends and level to 5 stars in 7 days. I leveled to 5 stars in 5 days didn't get my reward. I emailed support and they denied saying "Ticket #8356677 (RAID: Shadow Legends - Install & open the app for And...

Anthony R

March 22, 2020

Some of the events are a little p2w especially the way of events. I.e. needing to pay $500 to finish them. Also their "offers" depend on how much you spend, the more you spend the worse your offer is. One person could have an offer for an item be $99 and another person its $10 for the same item. But...

Richard Schwarz

March 9, 2020

There is absolutely nothing fun about this game! You'd be much better off watching paint dry, and paint dries faster than anything this game does! I would give it a negative 10 Stars! But if you like playing with cheaters that manipulate the ranking system then this is the game for you!

S Finn

March 5, 2020


Overall the game is ok but the ads and resource mining are tedious. Some challenges or offers based on watching x # of ads - this is optional. *BUT* Ads don't register as watched - one daily quest is watch 3 ads. Have to play 6-7 of them to register 3. I missed out on a promo - watch 5 ‐ played at l...


March 13, 2020


This game is good. They just need to have more events because it gets VERY boring between events.. all other games have events all week every week but this game has huge breaks between them. Also, you should be able to add your clan mates as friends, it's weird that they don't have that as an option...

Hasan Bakalovic

March 20, 2020


The app is great, but it needs a room that makes diamonds. how about this, with special equipment and a level 15 throne room, you for 600,000 coins, 50,000 wood and 60,000 mana you can make a diamond creation room that makes 1 diamond every hr. Other wise every thing is great. And also it needs a ba...

Chad Buttram

March 6, 2020


If i could give zero i would. Giant cash grab, dont spend money. Be prepared for outrageous 2 week build times on upgrades, or pay $100 to expedite. Matchmaking is terrible. 90% of player base are company bots. No matter how high you climb you will be paired against bots that outrank your army 100 f...

Webbi Lexi

March 10, 2020


Terrible support. They have a way to get free Diamonds from a third party but there's an issue half of the time and you won't receive your diamonds regardless if you spent two weeks achieving the offer. Hustle Castle won't support their player and the third party will just systematically ignore your...

Theo Houndsome

March 19, 2020


Best avoided, 3 years of play time, has reached the point now where you can't even craft without paying cash and even then you will get screwed by the rigged to fail system. Events never repeat but items are resold for hard cash or offered in hyper expensive loot boxes with 1% drop rates, I have nev...

Giedre Liaugminaite

March 4, 2020


Super bad customer service!!! They won't help you and will answer same message in all problems what I have. Them answer in everything is- play and ull find all answers. U must to know which rooms need to upgrade in the game, if u upgrade wrong ones, all game is for nothing!!!! U just all the time in...

Ilias Voridis

March 15, 2020

The game is much better. Arena is a little bit unfair. They try to balance P2W with F2P players, but it's difficult. They make nice events. Some are just money grabbing and others are fair for everyone. Dungeon is good and the gem bay is a dream. It has a lot of grinding and it's enjoyable!

Bryan Gatenby

March 7, 2020

This game is fairly decent when it works, but since the last update I find most of the time the "ad network" will not respond ( after watching the ad), and you won't get credit. I simply don't have time to watch the same ad over and over hoping it might go through. Pretty much unplayable now.

Chris Gallipeau

March 19, 2020


The advertisement for this game is nothing like the actual gameplay. When I experience this and an ad looks interesting and makes me want to play the game and then I get into the game and the entire game play is nothing like the ad shows and is nowhere to be found in a game, I will uninstall that ga...

Isaac Davidson

March 21, 2020

The ads looked dumb at first but then I saw my brother playing the game and it's way better than the ads. They should advertise their actual game, not the weird puzzles that I always see.

Adam oskar

March 20, 2020

The game is similar to fallout shelter graphics, but almost totally depended on you spending money over crystals, with barely any other options beside it. They advertised about puzzles and such which probably arrive much later then the advert described I Only gave it better ranking because the graph...

Big T

March 5, 2020


Trash.. Had to start over after getting a new phone. No big deal. But then after a couple months of playing I decided to try one of the promos. I had to install another game, and complete a task in 7 days.. I did.. then I go to get my Crystal's and they said they were reviewing it. Then I send a mes...

nick withee

March 3, 2020


Been playing for over 2yrs. Theres still plenty of areas in game that need work and a few that are outdated (like the chat feature) but great news is that the developers are constantly trying to address and continue to add to the game. It is starting to become more expensive to maintain yet still no...

Tee Tee

March 19, 2020

This game would be so much more fun and enjoyable if you weren't cheated out of your gifts for watching ads. That really puts a huge downfall on th experience. Also they give instructions on what you can do to improve your warrior's power and ability but when you do it doesn't work.

dee kay

March 13, 2020

Gamertag SirPeterPecker: My favorite app to date...playing for about 2 months and allready almost tr10...wish you could get more legendary items and inlay items in chests or you could upgrade lower shards to higher shards in the gem room. Or even your armor and other items leveled up with you


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