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Best. Farm. Ever. Welcome to Hay Day, the most popular farming game on mobiles and tablets, number one in 122 countries.
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December 18, 2019
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Hay Day MOD Apk (Unlimited Coins/Gems/Seeds) 

Have you tried to produce, cultivate plants, and make animals earlier? How about trading qualities at your friends and neighbor? Well, Hay Day Mod Apk can encourage you to get the farming experience that you shouldn’ ’t want. The strategy can do you understand that hitting, logical, and pattern games are not the only games in the Play Store.

This superior team of Supercell had produced and published the play Hay time. The iOS edition of the strategy was issued on this 21st of June, 2012, while its robot edition was issued on the 20th of November, 2013. The strategy was the total attack, and as a matter of fact, it gained a sum of $ 30 million only after the month of its release.

  • Get started with growing with some of these free seeds that Hay time offers for you.
  • Sow seeds spray food until the plant’s flower.
  • You can gather and sell farm food At the shop for a lot of money, which will buy more expensive plants and items.

What is Hay Day Mod Apk, and Why Does it Popular?

For a period of time, farm management games have usually won a lot of passion from the play participants. With a soft, playful, calm country style, the work games are ideal for entertaining after the time of learning and running tired. And one of them is Hay time (MoD Unlimited Coins/Gems/Seeds ), the play work game issued by Supercell.
As the work game, Certainly, you can be transformed into a true cook at Hay Day, where farmer’s everyday job can be reproduced so you can earn much Mone. Going Hay Day, you can be the owner of a small work with some cottages, ranches, hard areas.
Get started with growing with some of these free seeds that Hay time offers for you. Sow seeds spray food until the plant’s flower. In this moment, you can gather and sell farm food At the shop for a lot of money, which will buy more expensive plants and items.

How To Download Hay Day Mod Apk

The Clipapps.Net is one of the most popular and publicly supported mods for Hay Day. After downloading the first apk document, the satisfied mod client will transfer the mod version to your game and mod. Draw a line from the bottom of the glass filled with water to the top of a glass with the same amount of water as the original glass.

If you are a big fan of farm games, Hay Day comes with a huge amount of content from Supercell, a very well-known company that owns many hot-air games on the net. You get unlimited resources when you install the mod, and there are currently over 1.5 million mods for Hay Days and Hay Days on the market.

I can’t say everything, but I’m a big fan of Hay Day, and it’s one of the most popular hot-air games on the net, with a huge amount of content. If you want to get the mod apk for Hay Day, follow the instructions below for free. Apk, then you can get it from below, the I have given a download link for you, and then download.

About Official Hay Day Apk

When the kids asked me to play with them and I started my own farm I was really surprised at how much learning goes into this. Ethan justin and ashley all have their own farms and even ashley understands what to do she knows she needs to produce items to fill orders and she knows that she has to feed her animals.

So she can get milk bacon wool and eggs and she especially loves to serve the customers that come to her farm we like that. It’s not a violent game so when you want to get bacon out of the pigs there’s a little squeezer that comes along and squeezes your pigs hey day is like simcity.

But it’s on a farm instead as you reach each new level you unlock new crops and plants and buildings and eventually you unlock the fishing pond and the town which are some other cool areas where you get to do things see here. Ashley just leveled up and she’s unlocked all these things as to the skills they’re learning they’re learning business skills.

Main Features Of Hay Day Mod (Unlimited Coins/Gems/Seeds)

  1. With the help of this unlimited feature, you will earn more money, buy more seeds and receive unlimited coins and diamonds to develop your own unique game with the most advanced features and features.
  2. Bring with a single purchase the Mod Hay Day the opportunity to work 100% free or only for a limited time. Hay Day Mod is the no1 farm online game for mobile phones and you can play many farm games on your mobile device.
  3. You are able to grow crops, take care of animals and do everything you need to do to be a good farmer and get the best farm in this famous agricultural game. In-game farmers have the opportunity to grow a variety of crops and so you get the farmers of the game.
  4. It is quite difficult to find the best game because we know that there are unlimited games in different categories in the official store. With this kind of addictive behavior, players have to be patient and wait a long time, but it also has a lot of content and a lot of fun for the players.

Gameplay Of Hay Day MOD

We always try our best to suggest the perfect games and play them, so here are some of the free diamonds we’ve earned through these games. The Hay Day Mod APK gameplay is similar to the Main Hay Day Game, but you can use some of the things it contains. Private servers, do not think that you can not play with other players in multiplayer.

Hay Day is a free multiplayer game with a single player mode and a multiplayer mode. Hay Day allows you to grow grain and sell your products on the market to make money. The gameplay is similar to the Main Hey Day Game because you have to grow a variety of crops such as corn, wheat, soybeans, rice, barley, oats, potatoes, etc.

With Hay Day Hacks, you can earn free diamonds, and in fact, the game is so much fun that a whole day can pass as you play it. With the mod version of this game you get some amazing features, it allows you access to all the fields that you customize. The cool thing about this mod version is that it offers a steamboat for all your trading needs.

You can change the look of your yard with the help of the Hay Day Hacks mod, and also with a variety of different tools. There is even the possibility to sell fruit and vegetables in roadside shops, so you can make a big profit.

The Hay Day Mod Apk will help you have an agricultural experience not to be missed. The game will make you realize that the shooting and logical patterns of the game are not the only game in the Play Store. You control different characters and ride on wheels, from segways to bicycles, and you can ride in a variety of different types of vehicles such as a tractor, truck or even a horse.

It has also received multiple awards as the best game for mobile devices and has appeared on both the iOS version of the game, which was released on November 20, 2013, and the Android version, which will be released You can play this game on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X and Windows Phone 8.1.

You get all the paid features of the game for free, but you usually edit it yourself and have to pay for some of them. The Best Game Emulator for Snap Chatter can record and save your messages by taking a screenshot or using the camera. In this interesting and fun board game you become the director of a large shopping mall.

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Tips and Tricks for Hay Day Mod Apk

White sugar the sugar has to be made in the sugar mill and you need to sugar cane to make it you grow your sugar cane in plots of land cream is made in the dairy but you need to get one milk from a cow to make it and the wheat is grown in your field after you make products you sell them by truck or by boat to get more points and more money here you can see.

What you need to fill in order and then you produce it when you unlock the fishing area you get to catch fish lobsters and ducks and you use that to make products that people need once you unlock the town at level 34 you can serve more customers and then send them on their way there’s a cooperative part of the game too when you reach level 18 you can repair your neighborhood house.

Then you have the option of joining a neighborhood or creating your own parents please be aware of this option and monitor what your child is doing don’t let them join a neighborhood without your permission we’ve created a family neighborhood which includes grandparents cousins aunts and uncles and children.

But you can do whatever best suits your situation the fun thing is you can ask for help from people in your neighborhood and they can donate to you to help you complete your orders you can also donate to them.

So they can complete their orders there’s also a chat section where only those in your neighborhood can chat so again be aware of what neighborhood your child is in there are weekly derbies to so your whole neighborhood works together as a team everybody performs different tasks to earn points so that you can place higher up in your derby you get rewards as each milestone is reached.

It’s really fun to work together this game has been so much fun for our family we’ll sit together and ask each other for different products so that then we can send out and complete our orders we’re working together we’re having fun as a family and we’re learning some business management skills while we’re at it by the way this video is not sponsored by hay day we chose to share the game with you.

Because it’s one we really really liked one last thing I highly recommend that you play with your child it’s going to be a lot more fun to play together and you’ll understand more of what’s going on if you have a farm of your own.


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Final Words

What I was about to say was that I think that the Hay Day Mod Apk is really cool. it’s a little bit different  but a lot of the things are still the same. So yeah if you guys want me to keep on doing More like this, I will do it and if you also want me to test out other apps don’t forget to let me know

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What's new

Our very last update of the year is here!

• A fresh new Valley theme! Catch escaped animals and supply them again to sanctuaries for tokens!

• Find fuel stations round Valley for greater fuel!

• More rewards! Complete Valley every day quests to earn a new Lucky Bonus.

• Afford more rewards! Introducing the Piggy Bank, which permits you to collect extra tokens.

• Great upgrades to the Diamond Shop.

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User reviews

The Bacon

March 21, 2020


I loved this game but the machines, the mine, boat and town etc cost too many coins. So recently I started to stop loading my boat and truck orders while producing stuffs to sell just to earn coins. And idk why it started to crash today. It was totally fine after I downloaded it until today, it cras...

Jenny Elve

February 26, 2020


Always enjoyed this game but it takes so long to progress I'm losing patience. There needs to be more opportunities to gain puzzle pieces for the wildlife sanctuary, it is so slow and I refuse to spend money to progress!! When I first started this game I thought it was great but really starting to g...

Amber Morgan

March 12, 2020


I grow increasingly frustrated by the game crashing! Every time I try to see friends on the lower right corner, the game kicks me out! I've sent an email and have heard nothing back, in the mean time there have been several updates. I also am frustrated by the lack of opportunity for growth on the f...

Linda Danylchuk

March 2, 2020


Fun, but takes too long to make boat orders (time is added on). Takes forever to expand your town, and get animals for your sanctuary. In order to clean up our farm, I have to buy axes/saws etc. It could get very expensive , very fast. I just have to wait, till I get as a way I can affor...

A Lippy

February 27, 2020


Great game, been playing for years. I wish there was a way to search for one specific item that i need instead of hoping id find it in somebody else's farm before somebody else takes that item. I have spent up to an hour sometimes looking for one specific item that i need, going through multiple peo...

Yarax Bogdan

March 19, 2020


I will rate 3 stars for the following reasons: 1: communications level is 0 Notes: only chatting with your neighbors. 2: shops are not equalized Notes: same items showing every time 3: with time you get bored. Notes: i saw levels 600+ and it does not worth it because all you do is routine Put some p...

Haziq Iman

March 9, 2020


The game is great and all. The only problem is there is this HUUGE BUG. When I turn off my phone and try to start it again,it just won't. What the hell. And all production is SOOO SLOW. Gaining experience included. I hope you could at the very least give experience through sells. If not all sales gi...

surpreme leader ren

February 5, 2020


It can be glitchy sometimes. But if you need to update the app but don't have enough storage on your device here's a tip. The game saves your farm because of this if the game need updated. Uninstall the game then re-download it. Doing so updates the game and when you re-download it has your farm sav...

JoAnn Zinn

February 29, 2020


I really do enjoy playing this game. The only thing that bites is when you lose your previous made farm(s) that for what ever reason even with the helpfulness of the game creators you can't reclaim for any reason. Especially , with the animals. I am wondering. if it is possible that in the near futu...

Akil Bexheti

March 6, 2020


Overall great game,but I just a have a suggestion to make it better! Add an option to search for what your actually looking for in the newspaper,like I can't help it finding everyone selling wheat and corn every time it refreshes. I sometimes have luck finding what I need. Overall great game,runs sm...

DepressedClarinetist ಠωಠ

March 23, 2020

This game is really fun and rather simple. It's a good idle game and is great for people with lots of patience. It is quite difficult to progress in the game, and it's really hard to obtain the materials needed to upgrade your barn and silo, which makes things quite complicated.

Jayne Jinks

February 25, 2020


Love this game,wish we could have more than 30 people in one neighborhood because not everyone wants to join in with the derby so its left to just 6 or 7 of us and wish the machines could produce a little faster i know you can buy from the magazine but you can guarantee you can never find what you n...

Animal Medal 6255

March 10, 2020


I love this game with my whole life but I would like to add something that could make the game way more fun. If you can, can you please add a tiny customizable person that is you, and like when you sell things or mull the cows the tiny person will walk over to it and do it. It would make the game wa...

Kena S.

March 21, 2020


It's a fun game. Everything's fine except that I can't connect it with my facebook account. I actually have 2 hay day accts linked to may FB. Everytime I try to connect, it asks which one to connect but it doesn't work. Now I can't move on with the game coz I dunno where to get the stuff needed to e...

Ana Mik

March 7, 2020


This game is great ! I had it before and I loved it! But when I installed its again there seems to be a glitch or bug. When I what to help out another player with truck deliveries it won't let me, like it won't show the green envelope. It's really annoying, it won't let me every single time!! Please...

Passionate Writer

March 20, 2020

Excellent game. But there must be a bug. It keeps on cutting out as soon as you want to go to Greg's farm or any of the other farms in the newspaper/on your friend list. And we lose diamonds because when you hire Tom and you want to send him the game keeps on cutting out. Please assist team!!!

A Google user

March 9, 2020


I'm playing Hay Day for almost 4 or 5 years.The game planning,its new events, updates, graphics, controls and all are very perfect and satisfying. The recent updation,ie. The valley section is very cool and the game hasn't disappointed me at all for all these years.. But sometimes, even if my networ...

Mohd Mobasshir

March 20, 2020


It's a good game and I am playing it for many years but I don't like the new update which is of limit to buy tools whether of expanding or cutting. I don't think that there should be any limit to buy these tools as these are very rare to find and we hardly get it from bonus.We waste a lot of time in...

Stacie A.

March 2, 2020


I would give 5 stars, but after a couple days of playing, its becoming quite annoying that there is a huge scarcity on the hardware needed to upgrade you barn and silo. Everything then comes to a halt until you eventually scavange for the many screws, planks, boards, nails, bolts needed for a small ...

Stephanie C

March 3, 2020


While I love the game and have been playing it for years now, I dislike the lack of support. Newer features like the valley have issues and It's difficult to report them and get assistance with bugs and glitches in the game. Making it frustrating when you're trying to use the resources as efficientl...

priska andini

January 13, 2020


I've been playing this game since 2013, it's so addicting. I'm so happy to play it so far, but after the last update i found a lot of problems, such as it turn blank and suddenly closed when i tap my friends list. Then, the games transition from one farm to another farm is too long, so when u see th...

Daniella Daprini

March 13, 2020

It was a good game, but since their last update, the app has crashed more than ever before. When it doesn't crash, the loading page will take a minute, if at all, to load anything. This makes it nearly impossible to use the newspaper effectively.

Aaron Smith

February 11, 2020


Good game all around. Easy to play at your own pace, take a break and come back to. Only thing that I dont like is that if you start a community and are not active regularly, it demotes you. As the creator of the community, its frustrating when something you started has been taken over by random peo...

Jena Wratchford

March 16, 2020


I used to love hay day, but now I have trouble staying in the game long enough to get my task completed!! Hay day stops at least 50+ times a day, I'm losing money because I can't use Tom every time he is available!! Everytime I purchase one of the special offers I have to fight to get my diamonds an...

renren ad

March 20, 2020


awesome game! but the selling price of gold bar and other metal is very low and time to produce 1 gold bar is 12hrs, if you sell 1 gold bar in the roadside you can only get maximum of 180 coin.. its just the same with 10pcs of egg if you sell 10pcs of egg in the roadside maximum coin you can get is ...

sanjay bhatia

March 17, 2020


I like this game and I'm playing this game from more than 1 year.All the things are good but there are some problems like the things which need to be repaired like mine,dock and fishing boat and are too costly also.I was able to repair them 5-6 levels after they were unlocked.And when you reach 26 l...

April Fischer

January 3, 2020


Maybe this will get someone's attention!! This has been a problem since the last update... I've been trying to figure out how to fix a crashing problem everytime I push the friends button. Sent an email... reply told me to go through the settings in the game. Went through the settings in the game......

Bashir Hilali

March 11, 2020


So Addicting from my experience i have played this game for years and am still hooked to it only one thing i would love to be added is to see who is online in the neighborhood, and i think alot of people agree with me, atleast the leaders of neighborhoods like me, note to people that want to downloa...

Dawn Owens

February 20, 2020


This game is amazing. Not only that the customer support is great also. I have had a few in game purchases that glitch and the items don't deliver after they review logs the team is quick to send the order. Recently I had an issue where I woke to all my booster cards missing. They looked into it and...

M Figz

January 9, 2020


I love this app! But it's been frozen for the last couple of days and I can't play it.😢 HELP my animals are starving! 🙃 Otherwise I would have given 5 stars. Edit to add that it seems to freeze up when developers are making changes to the game. For example the animals are still in winter wear for ...

Tracy Clark

January 17, 2020


I absolutely love this game. I have had it well over 5 years. The past few months I've had problems with going to my fishing spot and looking in on my friends to help them out ( not to mention seeing what Greg has for sale). I tap it and I freezes and I am kicked off. I repeatedly attempt the same a...

Lynnette Hardwick

January 21, 2020


Hi I'm Lynnette. I would like to say that I really do enjoy haydays very much. It's a good wholesome game. However I have 2 problems, when I go to the ikon withe the 3 figures on at the bottom right of the screen it keeps throwing me out of the game. It's been like this since my last update, also ev...

perfect boys

March 7, 2020


Everybody's favorite farming game! Touch, swipe and build a beautiful farm! Best. Farm. Ever. Welcome to Hay Day, the most popular farming game on mobiles and tablets, number one in 122 countries. Learn the lay of the land, tend to your crops, and trade goods with neighbors and friends. It’s a real ...

Rosemarie Patterson

March 16, 2020

This is a love/hate relationship. The is fun,but it cost too much to achieve anything. For instance: you save your coins to open the duck feather machine, then it cost an arm & a leg to upgrade it to is it. That really sucks. It's time consuming & pricey. A deadly combination

Seema Shahab Quadri

March 18, 2020


Hi hayday friends The game is very involving. Derby is very lengthy. Why you have put sanctuary animals in valley. Please allow players to take two task at a time. Please reduce the time limit of products making. You people have increased the land but the we dont get deeds , markers and molet. Pleas...

Ron Brown

March 19, 2020

Good game. Some adjustments need to be made by the developers for some of the outrages times it takes to manufacture some of the products as compared to other products. For example you can grow corn 20x faster than you can make buttered popcorn!

Amanda Slovak

January 5, 2020


Started this game a couple months ago, I'm at level 46 currently. It's definitely a fun and addictive game, graphics are great and I love how the seasons change within the game (tree leaves changing from summer colors to fall). EDIT: (12-18-19) Game crashes constantly since most recent update. Do no...

Rici Kevill

December 26, 2019


I love this game and find it very addictive! I have been having troubke completing group tasks in the new animal rescue valley though. They don't see to appear at all and I feel like I'm missing out on chests because of it. I play all the time and try to stay up to date on it always so this is kind ...

Adi Solanki

February 25, 2020

I love this game so much! I have been playing this game since so long. I never faced any problem. But from the last update, I'm not able to play properly, my game is freezing in just 4-5 minutes when i play and then my phone rebooted! Please fix this issue, otherwise i have to uninstall this game !

Gracie Amanda Jaclyn

March 22, 2020

Why i can't open mine. It always say "connecting" & "updating". Almost 2 months can't play it. I love to play rhis farm game compare to others..i even try to uninstall n install it back and it still say "connecting" and then "updating" forever. Can help me with this issues??

Del Menze

December 30, 2019

great game!! pop ups are minimal, and it truly is a free game (unlike so many others that claim to be). not really liking the valley update, too much downtime leading to missed deadlines. also lack of good instructions to perform tasks in the valley (such as helping fix truck and give chickens). the...


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