Download Snapchat Mod Apk Unlocked for Android (NO BAN) 2020

Snapchat Mod allows users to remove some restrictions that its official edition. These annoying advertisements in middle of their favourite displays, multiple languages with the most waiting feature i.e. Available subscriptions to all its material.Snapchat Mod allows users to remove some restrictions that its official edition. These annoying advertisements in middle of their favourite displays, multiple languages with the most waiting feature i.e. Available subscriptions to all its material. Discover what all you will see at the Snapchat Mod Apk.
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March 30, 2020
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How To Downlaod Snapchat Mod Apk (Unlimited Score) Latest Version 2020

Snapchat Mod allows users to remove some restrictions that its official edition. These annoying advertisements in middle of their favourite displays, multiple languages with the most waiting feature i.e. Available subscriptions to all its material. Discover what all you will see at the Snapchat Mod Apk.


Snapchat Mod Apk is something really important. As you realize that the price a bit much when you are about to purchase it in real-time. Meanwhile, by getting to our place, we are about to give you the chance to take it free of charge. The Snapchat Mod Apk 2020 edition would be available for download.

I absolutely love the premium feature that Snapchat has to offer. It offers the Snapchat Apk in addition to the Snapchat app score fast. Right now we’re just on the classic Snapchat application and you could just very easily go over to the Snapchat  Score. Once you have a Snapchat premium subscription. I’m gonna be showing you how to hack snapchat on any Android device. now before you go ahead and start this,

  • First thing you’re gonna do is go into settings
  • Once you go into settings what are you gonna do is scroll all the way down until you see security let’s simply tap.
  • On that they’re gonna scroll all the way down until you see unknown sources then all you can do is simply tap on unknown sources.
  • They’re gonna hit okay then you’re gonna make sure that unknown sources is checked.
  • Now once you’ve done that what you’re gonna do is go back to your home screen.

What is Snapchat Mod Apk, and Why Does it Popular?

Go ahead and click on the very first link down skip down below once you click on that link will take you to our critics calm they’ll be full written post and towards the end of the post you see that there’d be two download links.

No one are you going to do is tap on the very first download link and then will take you to this page now the first download link is for gio snap which is geofilters for snapchat and will allow you to change all your geofilters in snapchat so what are you going to do is simply press download.

Then the download will start and now if you take a look at the download you’re gonna see that the download is almost finished then can simply tap on it and then you can go ahead and hit install then we’ll install onto your android device now in order to get the gio snap app to work for you.

What you’re gonna have to do is go into settings and once you go into settings we’re going to do is simply scroll all the way down until you see about device then you’re simply going to tap on about device and then once you do that you’re going to scroll all the way down until you see software info.

You’ll simply tap on that then you’re going to go to where it says build number right here so you’re going to tap on build number seven times and then I’ll say that you have developer mode enabled so now all you can do is just simply go back and then once you go back you’ll see that you have developer options right at the bottom

How To Download Snapchat Mod Apk

Just simply tap on it and then once you scroll down you’ll see that it will say mach location app so we can do simply tap on it and then you’re gonna choose the geo snap app right there then you’re gonna tap on it and now you can go ahead and open up the geo snap app onto your android device.

No one steals app is finished installing you can go ahead and open it and this is what geo snap looks like when you first go into it so basically with this app you can change your geo filters which is a filter that says where your current location is so now I can change it to anywhere in the world and now.

I can trick your friends on snapchat I am it’s kind of a funny joke and it’s really cool and it’s definitely a nice app to have so you can see that you have many request filters free tag than a search and then you have the geo snap in the middle and then we can do is to simply tap here for some more settings.

Then you can scroll down now once you scroll down you’re going to see that you have all these different filters so you have a random filter and you have the rocky mountains and you can see that you have all these different locations you have the bronze you have the golden gate bridge santa monica rio de janeiro.

You have paris and a whole lot of other locations I can choose the geo filter for so what we can do is just choose let’s say for example we choose the venice la geo filter and once you choose that filter or take us directly into snapchat so what we can do is just simply take a picture.

About Official Snapchat Apk

What we can do is just simply swipe to the left and you’ll see that you have that venice beach filter right there as you can see that we changed our current location and then what we can do is actually go back into g oh snap and then we can choose a different location.

So we can scroll then can choose let’s say for example the san francisco airport so if you just simply tap on that and then what we can do is take another picture and now if we swipe to the left you’re gonna see that it says sfo for the san francisco airport so you can see they have a bunch of different locations to take a look at.

And can keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and can see that these are all the different geofilters that you have now let’s go all the way back to the top you’re gonna see that you have the menu button right here so you have the preview gallery worldwide location tagger my instruction settings.

A whole lot more so if you go into the preview gallery this is where you can actually preview some geo filters as you can see that you have the brooklyn one you have the las vegas one you have manhattan and a few other filters that you can take a look at so this will load up right here so that’s a lower eastside filter and then you can see that you have all those different geofilters.

Main Features Of Snapchat Premium Apk or Mod Apk

  • Easily swipe through then you have the worldwide location tagger so this is where it will actually show you a map and normally it would load up and then all we can do is type in any location or place in the world right here and then we can do is get the geo filter for that particular location.
  • Now at the top you have the option to request a filter and then it’ll take you to a form that you can fill out then I also do have the freitag filter and then you have the search in the top right and when you choose that one you can search through any filter and you can just type it in right here.
  • Let’s say for example japan also you could choose tokyo japan then all you can do is is simply take a picture and then we can swipe and you’ll see that’s in japanese and you have the tokyo filter right there so you can see that this geo snap app does work and it works on any android device with no root needed.
  • It has a very simple user interface and you’ll definitely find each geo filter that you would like and can easily trick your friends now the other snapchat hack in this video goes by the name of casper now casper is basically a snapchat alternative client.
  • That allows you to post on your snapchat and it has a lot of maz and it’s basically a hacked version of snapchat with a lot of great features now to get casper on your android device all I have to do is simply click on the very first link down below.
  • Then you’re gonna click on the second link where it says casper and then will take you to this download page


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Tips and Tricks for Snapchat Mod Apk

We can do is just simply scroll down and then we’re gonna do is go to where it says download apk simply gonna tap on it and then you’re just gonna wait on it and now it says starting download so now if you take a look at it you’re gonna see that the download is almost finished.

And it’s now finished so you can just simply tap on it and they can go ahead and hit install and now the app is installed so you can go ahead and hit open and now once you go into casper all you have to do is simply enter in your snapchat username and password so this is what casper.

Looks like when you first go into it so this is where all your snaps are and when you swipe over to the right this is where you’ll find all of your stories isolettes pretty self-explanatory and very similar to the user interface where these snaps are on the left and the stories are on the right of the camera interface.

Also lets you swipe back over to the left you’ll see where all of your staffs are from your people. That are on your snapchat list also you can see that right there and then what you can do is actually look in the bottom right what do you look at the bottom right you’re gonna see that you can make a new blank step can actually choose a snapchat.

That you want to add from your gallery or I could just launch the camera for casper now I can also look in the top right then you have the option to tap on the camera and when you do that this is the actual camera for the snapchat app.

We have the camera the video I could search it to front-facing then you have the flash or no flash and once you go back you can tap right here and choose from your gallery.


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Final Words

What I was about to say was that I think that the Snapchat Mod Apk is really cool. it’s a little bit different  but a lot of the things are still the same. So yeah if you guys want me to keep on doing More like this, I will do it and if you also want me to test out other apps don’t forget to let me know

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User reviews

Liliair AK

March 30, 2020


I have two complaints. One there is no way to view a chat without the other person knowing you have. Sometimes I wake up and want to check to make sure there's no emergency without people thinking I'm ignoring them before i fall back asleep. The other is quick add. It should be toggleable. I don't w...

Nicole Stewart

March 29, 2020


I've used and loved it for years! However, I believe I've found a bug to fix. Lately, my app has been showing the blue notification dot when I'm looking through my chats, yet I have no new/unopened chats. It does the same with the yellow dot for the memories. It also no longer shows the notification...

T. Lattouf

March 28, 2020


I love it but there are problems and things i don't like..but its okkay. The only problem that annoys me the most is that NOT ALL FILTERS WORK FOR DOGS AND CATS AND ANIMALS😂🥺 i know it's a little thing but it would be very great, and i know that some filters work for cats but only white cats! Why ...

Gregory Kemmis

March 29, 2020


Not exactly sure what the purpose of this app is. When you make a video, you have to take pictures or videos, and spend a lot of time messing with figuring out how to edit your presentation. Also, I've never been a fan of exclusive mobile-only apps, because the integration between your cellphone and...

William Burnett

March 27, 2020


I don't know why they decided to change the layout, but they need to change it back. They added separate buttons for Discover and Snapmap, cluttering the bottom of the screen. I'm not sure why Discover is a thing in the first place, no one cares. Swiping on a person now takes you to the SnapMap. Thi...

fahed al barazi

March 29, 2020


I've been using snapchat for over 2 years now and I never had this problem! One day I opened my snapchat and I was logged out. I tried to log in but it said my password was wrong. I tried resetting my password but it said my email address is invalid! This is horrible! I'm going to lose all my photos...

Nat the Bat64

March 28, 2020


CameraMan277 334

March 30, 2020

This app is very nice for people who have iPods and can't call or text without internet. All it needs is an email/phone number and your set to go. And the filters are alot of fun. And on holidays Snapchat will send you little messages so if no one else has said anything to you they have. This app is...


March 29, 2020


Snapchat camera no longer is usable. I used to use snapchat daily, now I cant use the app as it's main function is broken. The camera no longer focuses whatsoever on the back lens, it is completely blurry the entire time, even when tapping to focus. However the from camera is fine, I have hoped that...

Regan Anderson

March 27, 2020


I had uninstalled the app after restarting my phone didn't work. All I wanted was to change a nickname for one of my friends. After re-downloading the app, I was unable to login. Google had saved my username and password, so forgetting it wasn't the problem. After that, I made over 20 attempts to ch...


March 27, 2020


Kinda good, but icon is broken, lacking ultrawide compatibility, and other camera modes I get with my phone. Would love an update to use the features my phone has. One more thing, make it possible to utilise all the features the superior Android phones have, like 50-100x zoom, ultrawide ultrawide, a...


March 28, 2020


It's ridiculous how AFTER YEARSSSSSS, snapchat STILL can't get it together when it comes to the android version. I have the galaxy 10 plus which has an AMAZING camera (Mostly everyone I know who compared pictures/videos says my camera is better than a iPhone's camera), but whenever I upload a pictur...

Yuliya Rudneva

March 27, 2020


It just got a new update where you could see the snap maps on the bottom and the chat and everything else, I absolutely hate it because Everytime I'm trying to slide my finger to open a chat it slides me into snap maps, like I don't want to look at a dumb map, I want to talk to my friends, please ch...

jewjew load

March 28, 2020


I love this app a lot it let's me keep In contact with friends without having to give them my number. I can also meet ppl on here. I'm able to decline or accept who I wanna talk to but at any time I can remove or block them. The video chat, videos, and texting is really good recomend this app!(edite...


March 28, 2020


Since last few updates I keep on having different problems like app would crash or some features won't work , reinstalled dozens of time in hope of getting rid of the problems but didn't work, reported it to the team several times no response even after over a month.....used to love snapchat but it ...

Nathan Cerda

March 28, 2020


Its been messing up these past few days none of my messages send it says I have no connection ... But I can watch other peoples stories and post on my story I also receive others messages . this problem is really annoying I thought to give it a few days and maybe itll just go away but please fix thi...

Shannon Roll

March 29, 2020

It's a great app, but I do have one complaint. Whenever you try to watch the mini shows on discover it pauses and loads for like 5 minutes or rewinds and keeps rewinding it, so it's hard to finish them. Please fix it. Anyway, really awesome app. Thanks for making it.

Drusilla Kaleem

March 29, 2020


I loved snalchat until this new update on my phone. I have been using snapchat for about 3 years, and i always loved it, but the new update of the swipe to go the maps or the story on the bottom of the screen is just annoying you cant swipe to half open a conversation anymore either. I politely requ...

Izabella Pina

March 28, 2020


I have had this app for 5 years and its had its ups and downs recently there has been a lot of glitches and the app is always saying i have no internet connection when i fact i do and that's only the few times i have been able to get on the app but most the time it will just completly close the app ...


March 27, 2020


I hate the new update(s) I cant even see when I have a new notification, or where any of my trophies are. when I take a picture and wanna save it to my eyes only you have to save it then put it in my eyes only, and you can't select more than one photo from memories. Snapchat should just take the upd...


March 30, 2020

I love this app. It's so easy to use and a great way to catch up with people. The calling is a little glitchy and very easy to accidentally hang up on each other but besides that it's very nice. The only thing I would wish to be added is a dark mode because at night the bright white hurts my eyes.

Ocean Davies

March 27, 2020


So sad to doc my review. For whatever reason the day after cameos was released I lost mine. I thought everyone did but my friends began sending me cameos with my character I do not have access to. I am on a Google Pixel 1 and I'm not sure what happened. I love this app ☹️ but I miss my cameos also t...

Deanna Moffitt

March 28, 2020


Has issues with s9. The front facing camera zooms in. Its been a issue for way over a year. They claim its a Samsung issues but its clearly their issues. Because you can zoom out but it goes back to zooming in. Once you let your two fingers up. Yes ive tried everything that has been said online to t...


March 24, 2020


Its just a lil confusing for new users, but you get used to it. However, the emojis need to be updated. I don't know whether you've noticed and haven't gotten to it or what, but the emojis are still old and haven't updated with the systems emojis. If there's anyway you could get this fixed, it'd be ...

Amaya Satsuki

March 27, 2020

The filters are fun to play with and nothing seems wrong, but it does get slow and when I log out or try to log back in and says it's something went wrong. I don't know what went wrong my wifi is good, I have the correct username and password. If this is a bug please fix it.

Tara Madsen

March 30, 2020


I literally love it. I love the filters and that they change all the time ( i believe it's once a day). Snapchat is a very entertaining app for all ages. It has nice, fun, interesting photo editing tools. Easy to send messages and chat as well as sending photos and videos and i also like the bitmoji...

Chloe Rodriguez

March 26, 2020


I just love this app, it helps me to talk with family and friends and I can make new friends by quick add. It has photos from the app and camera roll, you can have a private too so no one can see. You can also face time and call people, there is a map so you can see where your friends are and if you...


March 26, 2020


Cactus p

March 24, 2020


The app itself is fine! It's a bug that is interfering with my capability to use that app that's lowering the score! When I attempt to access my account, it either simply doesn't work (the screen freezing, or nothing at all happening), or it declines access to my account, although I know for sure th...

Ally Seefeldt

March 24, 2020


On my samsung a50 the front facing camera is zoomed in closer than I'd like, even when completely zoomed out. On other phones I've used in the past it was not this way. It may be affected by the default camera app because there is a 2 person mode in that app. Also I see that the samsung version does...

Julien Wilson

March 27, 2020


A great way to comunicate and great filters. Although my filters dont update to new ones. A few things i don't like about this app is that messages delete themself after a few hours. Another thing is that you can't view your own picture or video that you took. And last is that my facetime screen nev...

Austin Gudino

March 25, 2020


I have been using Snapchat for awhile. The main reason why I am giving it a 4 star is because there needs to be an update where you can either see who all your friends are that are still there instead of pending requests or people that have already deleted you. So there name is just on your friends ...

Hazel Donovan

March 28, 2020


i love the app dont get me wrong but every time i open it on my phone it gliches and says there is no internet or wifi so i cant do any thing wich is really annoying. Also when i was loging on to the app i spent 30 miunets wating for it to load and that was only after it took me 10 trys to even star...

Essex Koger

March 28, 2020


New review just from 3/19. This app is not very pixel friendly at all . It glitches constantly , especially every time y'all do an update . Y'all need to fix this . I used to really love Snapchat but I can't even use it anymore bc Everytime I try to open app it says "Snapchat is unable to open camer...

Radioactive Tiger

March 24, 2020

This app is pretty cool. It's super buggy though, the camera at the front page has lagged and messed up the picture. I know it's not just me because my friends have had the same problem. Another buggy thing is, when i take a screenshot on a completely different app, it will say i took a screenshot o


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