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Dragon City Mod Apk has providing the greatest simulation features Dragon City Unlimited Gems Apk Free Download  with unlimited coins and more on your mobile.
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March 20, 2020
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DOWNLOAD DRAGON CITY MOD APK V9.13.1(Unlimited Coins,Unlimited Gems)

Dragon City Mod Apk has been designed beautifully providing the greatest simulation features that anyone needs in the online multiplayer game. Dragon City Unlimited Gems Apk Free Download  with unlimited coins and more on your mobile. This is a really exciting simulation game so that’s reason millions of users are playing the game.

The Dragon City is on the way it might be there after three days now first of all let me collect my all resources first like the goals are popping out and as well as the food let me collect or all so the cloud power so the root shower is land is now available on your game and this have a look and start playing.


I am playing this game from 6 to 7 months okay so there’s giant rock let me play in all this okay so what I’m going to do is and let’s go and see okay so III couldn’t find this battle because they’re lots of higher level players of their name Alliance.

so oh so oh sorry okay so I got I got it I got it I feel a dragon oh my god that’s oh look at him he’s the brother of hi super message dragon oh my god just look at this dragon man this is so good finally I was in the left six node one and we are on the first my lands and somehow given because we played together and soul fit a dragon okay okay so the ads are coming let me close the ads lag no lag man it’s working very well black because of the those ads

  • A dragon oh here we go the – a dragon here oh my god look at this dragon oh my god the – a dragon is in my head sharee this is so cool okay so bad videos setting it’s showing the bad video settings I don’t know why the video is working properly.
  • So fear by giving the jaxa geysers layer let it go oh so I got the – dragon I got the other two other one dragon also the soul eater dragon and the only one so a soul eater dragon and nothing else okay let’s go in the battle first let’s see what we can do.
  • I can’t I can’t battle with them this is so hard okay okay I got it I got it one I got one now let me boost my combat and let’s go in battle and I will show you my lines if there will be another race of alliance then you can join me we will play together and try to win try to conquer.
  • I will show you now hey baby so let me bring the duel dragon in the battle now the rules have changed some attacks a change which is so annoying.

What is Dragon City Mod Apk, and Why Does it Popular?

I want all the attacks which was there before okay okay that was so easy to win nope I’m not going to play this so what next so the mega food waste is then a let’s go in the combat and they’d see what what is going on okay okay let’s let me take my high spirit dragon with my super message dry.

I known high so go back here again okay let’s take the high super missile dragon high relief dragon and yes let’s go to the battle I know my one dragon can beat all the dragon it’s so easy because they are in the very low level okay go on one gone boom second the montford charlie’s not okay.

The quest okay so there is another question which is a paid tree or journal boys so it requires the very dry dragon from the root our clock eyeline let me show you okay so the last piece is cost of three hundreds four points okay I’m going to give the three hundred four points to the experience is everything okay so now let me show my alliance foot.

First of all okay so there is okay look at you okay I have got the lever for bre bridge chest breeding chest basically I got solar power fuming dragon hard we dehydrate dragon this senior dragon maj dragon will change I can write dragon chance against dragon okay let me show you my lines you can see the dragon city fighter is my alliance.

If you are interested and willing to play with me then go for it just just okay so I have all the twenty members so what will I do just comment down and tell me if you want to join the track and I will see how how actively played this game so that’s how I will take you in my rights go type dragon city fighter as you can see the name here dragon city fighter total trophies.

How to download Dragon City Unlimited Gems Mod?

I will not do that I don’t want to waste my 14 james my gems are really very very precious and another four dragons are coming this is the super trader dragon this is the extra dragon and this is the fortune dragon apart from all this I have a pending leaks.

So let me complete my leads first then we will talk further and by the way I have now six to seven heroic dragons ok so there is a lag a bit sorry for the lag toula use turn watch oh come on you you have to say in english.

I don’t understand the language what we said now be in english [music] okay okay now my the second dragonball okay yeah the year we go with the high-resolution dragon [music] okay so only one dragon is that now let me finish the dragon with the very first attack and boom bye-bye see you later so this is the final battle oh come on it’s lagging the game is lagging man, what to do?

This is so annoying by the way but literally this is also the high coins rag ever seen high religious and dragon let’s see who will miss the pattern okay so the high resolution dragon fit the pattern and let’s take out the second this is the height tyrant dragon and this is going to be an top five.

Let’s see who wins the match okay the first attack the not so good attack and let’s see whether the high garden dragon defeated on rod okay I hope he okay look at the life this is over the 440 is there and let me finish the dragon with my very last attack.

Main Features Of Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Gems

This blog shared the official version and then renamed it to the mod version, but it is still the same as the original version. As I mentioned at the beginning, the mod apk version of Dragon City Apk has many features: there is a functioning game, and there are unlimited gems money and coins.

  1. I will defeat you to how you hide celestial dragon you are nothing in front of my high spirit dragon I know you are the king of heaven but I have got the spirit to defeat you and boom you had gone [music] okay finishes all the three leads.
  2. So the dragon was is on the way now something is coming danger comes when you least expect it something is lurking in the shadows on dragon city and fuse saviors will need to be surround okay so there is something very interesting.
  3. Hope it gets better and better okay so you can ask me anything I will shortly reply you because you guys are the best okay so the tower is pending so let me there oh okay let’s see see see come on come on okay six are left okay.
  4. Three people are watching you can ask me anything okay four are now watching you can ask anything what else you want what else you want to see from me ask anything whatever you whatever you feel whatever you want just ask me okay so one dragon is coming from the tree and I can’t hatch the dragon.

About Official Army Dragon City

Dragon city unlimited gems apk free download link in the description. Please use my link it the sponsorship doesn’t work if you just go and download it straight from the clipapps.Net so you have to use my link and dragon city unlimited gems apk is a really really cool free-to-play game.

Dragon city is also almost there and the day smoke dragon the mattress dragon is also on the way now at the hi guys in dragon the hiller dragon is now on your hike or no man I am not a hacker I am a legit player.

I have been playing this game from 6 to 7 wrong more than 6 2006 six seven months I guess yeah I am playing this game from 6 to 7 months and and growing well I guess okay so how many heroic dragon do I have how many direct row against do I have let’s go and let’s go straight away their rarity edge elements.

It doesn’t matter ok so I have the high a movement dragon oh my god I I just forgot to feed the higher movement dragon okay let me feed the higher moment dragon and make him more stronger oh the higher moments ragan is okay us I am moving regulating me oh then can we go to the level 25 no it stops on the lever 24 because I have I don’t have enough food okay so also I have the okay so the high-score dragon is here and okay not enough food.

Gameplay Of Dragon City Apk

We’ll be there soon after two days two or one and a half days okay let’s see which dragon can go for going treading oh so let’s see hi I’m oppa dragon is fully trained except the electric ball here we go and it will be there in one and a half.

Like 47 hours means one and a half days after one and a half days yeah that’s it for look at this some some update in the habitat and this is a quite amazing quite I’ll look at the habit now habitats now it’s the looks is completely changed.

Now I think you people are going to like all the baits like the dragon series keep updating the game – for us to play better okay what else shall I do I will okay let’s go and fight oh no come on oh I want to change the dragon but I just did not do that okay I probably am going to lose this game.

Because of my city okay I’m going to lose this game so you can’t lose okay you can’t do is come on come on you can’t lose I have to give 100% to win oh my god look at him and look at the ages this is so annoying okay let’s see whether I will win or the other dragon.

Dictate number what number bro oh yeah okay just win the match but I lost my two dragons so I could not be able to bring the two dragons again in the same battle so I have to skip.

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Tips and Reminders For Dragon City Unlimited Gems Apk Free Download

I want to know where you are where you all from but seriously I want to know where you all from where you are I want to know oh come on half-witted dragon okay so how many people have got the hyphen in dragon.

Let me know how many people have got the – a dragon and how many did not god I want to know come on come on you all have to reply now I want to know who have got the – a dragon I want to know come on come on come on just just tell me you so you got the – dragon or is the only being who got the – dragon I hope few of the people can have the – dragon.


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Final Words

What I was about to say was that I think Dragon City Unlimited Gems Apk Free Download is cool it’s a little bit different from others but a lot of the things are still the same. So yeah if you guys want me to keep on doing posts like this, I will do it and if you also want me to test out other apps don’t forget to let me know.

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User reviews


March 23, 2020


This game is entertaining and addictive. It has a huge variety of dragons and events that allow advantages/upgrades so that the game isn't entirely "pay-to-win" like other games. The one thing I don't like about this game is the many ads and pop-ups when you first open the app. It is unnecessary, ob...

Mauricio Andres Moreno

March 23, 2020


This game is a shameless attempt to get your money. I logged in for the first time and was bombarded with 13! different offers!! And now everytime I log on, the same ones pop up. The game is incredibly slow, as it's an idle game, but so many aspects of what could have been a fun game are reserved fo...


March 26, 2020


Don't get me wrong, this game is extremely addictive. And I overall enjoy most of the experiences I have with it, but...its turned into a 'pay to win' type of game. You cannot win any of the challenges or expand your island without them throwing at you the obstacle that is to offer money. It doesnt ...

Ali Read

March 22, 2020


Great game, lots of ads. So many pop ups everytime you log in! That being said it is easy to play for free, the dragons are cute and fun to breed, and the battling is fairly straight forward. With so many events going on at all times it can get a little confusing as to what you should focus on. Over...

Flint n Steel

March 20, 2020


I love this game, its amazing. It was my favorite game a couple years ago. I just got it back and all of the dragons are the same mysterious blue shadow of a figure. There are no words, but more of a script. For example, when I click on the fire habitat it says: tid_building_28_name. Can someone tel...

Sean Long

March 20, 2020


I still think this game is cool and fun but I've recently been experiencing this bug where after a little while of playing this game I would no longer be able to get fog/maze coins and I would be able to get the event coins again after a long time. This bug is horrible as it makes events like the fo...


March 24, 2020


I've been playing this game for over 2 years. I know that I'm not a devoted player and so on. But the important thing is, I love this game. But that statement changed since the game always telling me that my internet connection is the problem because I can't log in into the game. For your info, I ca...

Juan Miguel Salvatus

March 22, 2020


It was fun before they decided to raise the requirements for the puzzle and event islands especially in this Spring event. It was kinda hard to get dragons nowadays and the gem and gold requirements keep on rising and rising in prices. I hope they will keep the rise in check because it kinda changes...

Destroyer243 Productions

March 23, 2020


It sucks, everything takes a super long time to load, and after 10-20 seconds the game will freeze, I am still able to move the camera, but I can't tap anything. All I really want to do is get all of the Vanoss dragons, but with the game constantly freezing it is impossible! The game does look good ...

Breylyn Fluckers

March 22, 2020


I really like the game, because of all the different types of dragons and everything, but the thing that makes me sad about it is that you have to save some poor dragons only using gems at a expensive amount, and on some locations, you have to actually PAY, too. And the thing that also makes me sad ...

Black Badger

March 23, 2020


I like the stile of the game and the endless possibilities of Dragons.I think that some of the fighting mechanics can be changed instead of using a black box. I also don't like the offers for dragons that you get when you open the app because 1 time there was so many I got tired of clicking x that I...


March 23, 2020

This game is addictive, but I don't know why. I guess it's like other games and a way to kill time hahaha. The one issue I have is that I can't link the game to FB on my phone, which also means that I can't join the League Battles. I've tried different things, but nothing works. The only other thing...

David Clark

March 19, 2020


patience is the right word for this game. . It does take patience, but you can still progress better as you get more experienced. Now I am well into the game, it's great stuff and rewarding as well. The variety of dragons is huge, not only the standard game dragons, but also the unique ones you can ...

Joshua Magana

March 21, 2020


It would've rated this games 5 stars. It's fun and has many different types of monsters and decorations. But, every time you load into the game all offers are shown on the screen (monsters, gems, etc.) I am a free to play player and would be great if there is a setting to turn it off. Also, every ti...

Jason Uhuaba

March 25, 2020


This game is great and is very nostalgic as it goes way back, but it's sad to see that although some dragons got a remodel, most still haven't, putting this game in this mishmash of eras which needs to be levelled out. Secondly, I have lost too many gems accidentally pressing buttons that cost premi...

Faith Heger

March 21, 2020


Dragon City is amazing!! I love the dragons, and how you can battle with other players around the world. I sometimes get a tiny bit irritated when you have to wait a very long time to either breed, hatch, or some other things, but otherwise I'd recommend Dragon City to whoever wants to have a lot of...

Michelle G

March 20, 2020


It's fun but... When you get into the game, feels like you are closing a hundred ads before you can actually do anything & that is every single time. though I like the game, I find that SO annoying. In fact, if I wasn't getting points for playing with another app, I'd probably have gotten rid of it....

Kaitlyn K

March 21, 2020


This game is absolutely amazing. Sure there is breeding and all that, but this is not just a collection game. It's also an RPG game, which I love. One huge complaint: I can't breed the Flame and Ice Dragon together no matter what. I came across a battle in a quest that requires those elements in it,...


March 17, 2020


i really like the game but I find that at this point it is pretty much pay to play, at a certain point you can't progress the game at all untill you get that 1% chance luck, honestly the game really isn't that worth the time even if the dragon designs do look cool, but due to recent information that...

Charlotte Van Schelven

March 19, 2020


Just an overall fun city building game. I have found no glitches or anything wrong this game except for the fact that I find myself playing it so often, however to play this game you must be very patient, as there is a lot of waiting that has to be done (waiting for breeding, gold, food, hatching, u...


March 19, 2020


I played this game for years and it's kinda fun...i quitted playing this game before and when i came back it became more easy to play. But I discover a item that is missing when you place it; it is the Metal Crystal and it is bugging like when you place it the item will become invisible and not alig...

Amy-Sue Wisniewski

March 19, 2020


Really like this game! Has a very pokemon-esque feeling in the "gotta get em all". If you like collecting critters you will like this. Couple of warnings, this game thrives as an idle game, there is lots of waiting. But for me that's why I enjoy it. It's something you check in on during a break for ...

Arjun Reddy

March 22, 2020


The game is very nice but another negative point in my phone which i have discovered is that i am NOT able to collect the maze coins, grid coins and more as soon as i open the game... I actually open it for every 3-4 hrs once... But why am i not able to get the coins... THE TEAM DRAGON CITY(SOCIAL P...

C Poston

March 26, 2020

this game is super fun and entertaining me and all my friends have it, the only thing that bothers me are all the unnecessary offers that pop up every time I open the app. Also I think the breeding and hatching for most dragons take way to long I've been waiting for my pure flame dragon for over two...

Try Not to die

March 17, 2020


The graphics are marvelous!! The controls are simple and self explanatory!! But I think one feature should be altered, I find the pop ups that come up everytime I enter the game annoying and dissatisfying, I think there should be a faster way of receiving the purple jems instead of using cash, it's ...

Jackdaboss 1

March 24, 2020


Its a game were you can battle to get gems and money to get dragons habitats and food to level up your dragon. This game also allows you to play with friends. Its a fantastic game. Its sometimes about patience but you can use gems to speed up the process the game is overall amazing you should get it...

the apex predator of all children

March 25, 2020


The reason why i gave this 2 stars because the expanding system is wack. I mean all of my dragons are cramped in the first island cause i can't expand if i dont have FB friends and it's quite frustrating for us who don't facebook much can you please remove the "Add friends for expansion" system and ...

Dionesis Remada

March 17, 2020


This game is fun especialy when your a very fun of dragons and awsome battles mabye even if your not a fan of any of those well you could still play it because of the point that the game is fun and you could also add your friend in this game and aslo breeding because some dragons are most likley you...

Megan Yeo

March 21, 2020


So fun I love that you can breed and then feed your dragons. I love that you can breed dragons of different species. I love that when the have leveld them up you can use them to battle and then you can get rewarded. It is soooooooooooo fun. That is why I have given it 5 stars it is one of my favouri...

Hans Larsen

March 16, 2020


The overall concept of the game is fun and the actual playing time. But it feels like the entire game is just waiting. Waiting to battle, waiting for eggs to hatch, waiting for breeding, waiting for food; just a lot of waiting. And the only way to get around these times is with gems!!!! And u rarrlt...

madeline alexander

March 19, 2020

Well, it's a pretty good game(actually it's kinda a best game) for me and also some of my friends. But, it kept saying connection error and I can't enter the game. Hopefully, next time it can be better and better. And without purchase for anything (it's to expensive just for a game)


March 25, 2020


Would be great but to pay to win. 3 of my dragons are stuck in the dragonarium because the game won't let me buy any more island space unless have friends or buy it and I have no friends. Also the events are almost impossible to complete unless you buy the peices. Also leagues are f-ing impossible b...

Nik 71

March 25, 2020


I enjoyed the game BUT beware of their gem offers! If you play Bingo Blitz and get 10 stars you get x amount of Dragon City gems; NO YOU DON'T!! Both games say the other is responsible and you get NOTHING! It's a scam to get you playing the other game with no intention of giving you the promised gem...


March 25, 2020

For some hella shady reason I don't have the "Dragon TV" and thus no option to acquire rewards. Made 7 other accounts to test and they all have it. Only difference is I have whaled on this account before in other games. Really appreciate them trying to decide for me. This game pops up 8-10 windows E...

Cute Thittipat

March 22, 2020


It's great game,even there're so many ads to watch but it's worthy,you can easily get many dragon,there are season and you can get differemt dragon and also you can decorate your island😍😍I suggest you to play this game but if you can stand for ads,if don't I suggest you not to download.Some ads gi...

Juan Estrada

March 16, 2020


Look, dragon city is a fantastic game, but I have waited long enough for my answer to my problem, and this has lasted for two weeks. Whenever I grow food, it logs me out immediately without growing food whenever I log back. Please fix because I truly enjoy this game. Besides this everything is perfe...

Wyatt Cummins

March 26, 2020

Game runs smooth. The only thing that's wrong is how high of a level you have to be to battle your friends and the ads that pop up but everything else is good. I definitely suggest getting the game. Plus it's a free fun amazing game just try it because It's a great time killer game.

Kim Hackett

March 5, 2020


This is an amazing game for those whom love a numerous amount of different creatures, various elements and repetitive gameplay. The graphics are moderately good although can be poorer during battle. For those who don't enjoy constant game play, this is absolutely not the game for you; the game prett...

Alicia Pienaar

March 6, 2020


I enjoy playing this game a lot with my friends... we always try to help each other or compete against each other with races, types of dragons and how much gems we can have 😅 i enjoy that there is always a "mini game" for you to complete goals and recieve great gifts and cool dragons ... it also he...

Quails Info

March 14, 2020

I think the game is great, but I previously had a Facebook account but I accidentally logged out of it so I created a new FB Account but I can't log in as its "Already connected to one" Even though it says "Connect to Facebook for a reward." Is this some sort of bug, or can you tell me how to fix


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