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Episode mod apk is an excellent story-based game with which you can play different characters in different stories. Simply download the episode, select the story mod and play it without having to select it. Please share it with your friends who might want to hack it and pass on jailbreak and human verification.

There are many good story-based games that come with various interesting and challenging episodes. Its a story-based game full of adventure, romance, drama, and love, then you will definitely do it. It’s just a matter of choosing the story and starting to play it, and there are many more.

The newest version of Episode choose the history mod Apk is the modified version of the favorite Android game, film – choose the history. It is the story-based strategy filled with lots of adventure, story, drama, and passion. You have to decide your favourite story and the preferred role to make. Presently, you can be playing as the role. The strategy gives the real-life experience and is extremely attractive. For the fact, Episode Mod Apk gets already earned more than 50 million views. In this post, give’s find episode play mod with infinite gems&passes hack free of charge. Without any further ado, get’s swim at, shall we?

Episode mod apk unlimited gems and passes download latest version

You can also write your own story in front of millions of readers. Choosing a story is one of the most frequently played and exciting games in the history of video games. You can actually read thousands of stories on any platform and someone can get unlimited access and bypass the Episode Mod APK Hack and actually download the episode.

In this lesson, I’ll show you how to hack a chapter of an interactive story for iOS and Android. In the lesson I showed you that there are only a few simple things to do to generate free gems and passports. Go ahead and click on “Unlimited Gems & Passports” on the link you’ll see in the video below the comments.

After one minute, the Episode Mod APK app was successfully installed on your device. In addition, you can earn unlimited gems and passes and unlock them with the Episode mod. Finally, it is completely secure and protected from malware.

If you still insist, then you can continue and click on the link to download the mod version. We do not support downloading the APK of the MOD app as unknown viruses may find their way to your device. You may end up downloading a virus that slows down or even breaks your phone.

The only way is to buy gems that cost between a few cents and $100. You earn gems in the game and pay for various activities. Gems are running out and you have to rearrange them to play them. The story could be a terribly loved or equally loved play. Episode to select a story from the mod apk.

However, if you insist on downloading it, then follow the instructions to download the mod version directly. t worry, because we will show you that this version comes with an unlimited supply of free gems and scammers.

Episode mod apk 2020 unlimited gems and passes download

Before proceeding, you must download the COD mod APK data file from the Download button above. Today we share with you the ACMarket App AP K, which is the Google Play Store that offers cracked premium content for the games app. You can watch all episodes of the series online and in the app for free, and you can also download them as a standalone app for Android.

After downloading the Episod MOD APK, you should uninstall the previous app on your phone. Simply download the app, get the 1-month free offer and start signing up. The main benefit of this app is that you can easily access all the premium content in the Google Play Store, which is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Mac OS X. You can use it for dual space, simply stream online TV, watch online shows and Hollywood movies, experience streaming services and much more.

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Enjoy a side quest that explores all aspects of the game. Meet the inhabitants, chat with the inhabitants of the ghost town and solve all sorts of puzzles to complete the search along the way. Mark the mysterious playwright who conquered the city and chat with the inhabitants. The mod version Apk provides the fastest CDN drive link to download, so you can easily download the latest version of PUBG MOD APK for Android and iOS.

Episode Mod Apk allows you to skip deadlines and offers unlimited courtesy cards, meaning you can flip through as many stories as you like without any restrictions. You can play 75,000 stories for free for everyone in the game and just get 3 pass charges. In a typical game, each pass charge takes four hours, so just search for the maximum amount you want in the game – game as they are unlimited.

Episode mod apk download android 1

If you still have doubts about the features of the mod, please comment below. The Choices Mod version can be downloaded from both the official website and Steam. Please install and open the game to enjoy it. I personally checked this mod for viruses and malware, and if you pass the security checks, upload them here.

If you are worried about downloading the Choices mod apk, you can relax, as the modified application posted by thinkker was first tested and verified. Try 100% to work without Netflix cookies. The Choies mod for this game is a modified version of the official one, so there may be some minor changes to the user interface

GamePlay Of Episod -Choose Your Story Apk

  1. We offer the download form to download and install Episode choose the story Mod Apk. Don’ ’t care as we are the reliable and trustworthy source. So, if you download from our site, you can never know any topic or malware. We provide good download practices and keep the individual’s safety in par. Communicate with the friends who might see the latest edition of episode hack apk with infinite gems, passes without jailbreaking or cause proof. If you take any queries involving this contest or mod, please move it at this comment section below, we’ll help you out.
  2. Continue seeing TechThatMatter for more such awesome posts, Thank you.‘ film – Choose the story ’ is one of those awesome interactive fiction story-based games wherein you go to make the reality. This reality is shaped by the decisions you make, and you take options in every step of the play. Film – Choose the story is a really loved game and as enjoyed is film – Choose the story Mod Apk.
  3. The game is free to go; However, in this play, you get gems, and you pay them on different options and actions. But once you get out of gems, the strategy the only choice is purchasing them, which is between a couple of cents to one hundred dollars. This’s a lot of money, and it determines the options if you are not one of those who’d be ready to pay on fake gems at the mobile game. Then what do you do? This response is easy, you get for Episode Choose the news Mod Apk, which is available to download, unlocks all these play features including jewels, runs, and shopping without any cost and does not require any human verification.
  4. Do you like playing episode choose the tale? If yes, then you would certainly get mad about the film mod apk, the newest edition with infinite jewels, money, passes and all unlocked. It is one of the finest story-based games that do at several exciting and difficult episodes. Make an amusing history with pure independence. It is this modified app of this exciting game episode where you get to choose the story and start playing it. The newest version of Episode choose the history mod Apk is the modified version of the favorite Android game, film – choose the history.
  5. It is the story-based strategy filled with lots of adventure, story, drama, and passion. You have to decide your favourite story and the preferred role to make. Presently, you can be playing as the role. The strategy gives the real-life experience and is extremely attractive. For the fact, it gets already earned more than 50 million views. In this post, give’s find episode play mod with infinite gems&passes hack free of charge. Without any further ado, get’s swim at, shall we?
  6. These are only some of the things you take free of charge when you download the hacked version of film – select the news mod apk. There exist a bunch of different characteristics that are accessible to you free of charge, and with this mod apk, you don’ ’t want to get any acquisition whatsoever within the game, and it is a lot of fun to play. You should download and put film – Choose the news Mod Apk if you exist of those people who can’ ’t look for minutes to take these characteristics of this play unlocked or who don’ ’t want to spend loads of money on in-app purchases.

Are you nervous about playing the story-based game? Yes, I am speaking about Episode Choose the history MOD Apk 😉 . Are you expecting to Download and make episode choose the story play with freedom? If yes so here you’re in the good place. We can encourage you to download episode choose the story free of charge. Bad boy’s daughter – When somebody new does in the life, it have emotions in your life. One happened with Tessa who had love on Jay rock. But when his half-brother cabbage rock visits township. Make Bad boy’s Girl film to learn what happened between Tessa and Cole Stone will it is good to go or would you pass these lines.

What's new

BLOOD LUST is here! Our 1st EVER VAMPIRE story! 
What can you choose, once your selection may mean forever?

And RULE BREAKER, from our community author Sandra G.! A hot friend involves reside your house whereas your Dad is away. Too dangerous that a romance between the 2 of you is against the principles



How To Install

  1. Download The Mod Apk
  2. Unstall The Old Version
  3. Install The Mod Apk
  4. Injoy

User reviews

Cynical Pancake

March 18, 2020


The sheer amount of times that the story pressures you into spending gems, or forfeiting to an obvious poor choice, is borderline shameful. I dont mind micro transactions in games, they are a great way to get a little extra and support the developers, but this takes it too far. There is at least one...

Sarah Sullivan

March 16, 2020


I like it but I gave it 3 stars because, it could use a better way to start your favorite stories over. Plus be able to name the other characters what you want and design them the way you want. Also it takes to long time to load when you first open the app sometimes, for me anyways. And they make it...

Meenakshi Nair

March 17, 2020


I've been playing this game for a long time it has improved a lot over the time. This game is called episode choose your story, but actually there is barely any choosing cause all of the options are locked and are only available through gems. You can only choose the one fixed option which is free. T...

ina dada

March 16, 2020


It's okay but it used to be better. Now you have to complete three chapters to earn a new story, while then you could just choose the story you like. And it's not actually my story since evry good choice can be chosen while using a lot of diamonds and the only way to get them is to buy them with rea...


March 17, 2020


Sure, there are great stories and some good plots. But we never have enough gems for any special options. And those special options are what make the story interesting, if you don't choose them, the story is done, nothing happens except disappointment. I get that you need the money, but no one is ab...

Karina Betsinger

March 17, 2020


I love this game so much but I am going to explain some problems, 1rst the gem situation is bad you should give us like a video to watch then get the gems ,2nd give us an add to watch so that we can get more tickets for the episodes. When you fix those problems of mine and other people's then I will...

Kyra Dahl

March 18, 2020


😫Episode is a good app if you know the ins and outs of it. But I'm so sad they got rid of the unlimited tickets in the store. It was such a great addition to the app and I would love it if they added it again. If episode is losing money because of what a great deal it was, I hope they could make a ...

A Google user

March 10, 2020


I used to REALLY love this app, used to read it everyday. But now with the update having to pay for gems made it suck! My favorite stories that I really love reading are ones from the community!! Episode stories that you create suck you have to use gems and gems are not easy to get. In order to get ...

jyoti agarwal

March 5, 2020


I loved the stories but I am not having a single gem. And like in other apps or games they are providing us gems for free the first time after downloading but in this app they are not. So it's a bit hard to make a choice. And the ticket bank also refills with 2 tickets. Which are very less in quanti...

Isabella Fillinger

March 14, 2020


I love this app its really great! But there are a few issues. 1. I wish that you get more gems when you complete a chapter and i wish things are cheaper. 2. I have this problem: everytime i do a chapter i have to watch adds and it always says First hete is a word from our sponsors. Can you get rid o...

Sasha Player

March 11, 2020


Love this app, and have used it for a long time now, however I have noticed that there seems to be some glitches on the new update. I can't access my profile on the app, and additionally, I cannot find the previous stories I have started reading, but haven't added to my favourites. I also noticed th...

Tee Tee

March 1, 2020


I love episode I have been playing it for many many years and have poured alot of my own hard earned money into the game. Since the new update they have taken away the choice of the 30 day pass which allows you to read as much episodes as you want with out any ads. Practically paid every month for t...

Tom Fultz

March 17, 2020


Any options that advance a story are behind a paywall. Any option that even make sense is behind a paywall. It's not cheap either. There are 4 or 5 of them per chapter each costing up to 30 gems. And if you don't select the pay options the free one is always the worst thing you could do. I can find ...

Sierra Hardy

March 4, 2020


The stories are pretty good. But i feel like no matter what choice you make, the ending will be the same no matter what. If you want the choice that is more exciting, you have to pay gems for it. You only get 1 gem for every chapter you complete, and each "exciting" choice costs at least 19 gems. In...

heather nelson

March 15, 2020


I absolutely used to love this game until they did all these god awful updates recently. I have used this app for over 2 years. And now it seems they want us to pay for everything with diamonds just so they can get more money. You have our profiles taken away at the moment because you've been doing ...


March 1, 2020


Wow, I never thought this choice game was so fun, than other choice games. In the latest update, my game has been crashing every 10-30 seconds. And I wanted to suggest, that this game could have been improving without these problems. If I wanted to rate 5 stars, They should fix all these problems, s...

Angelina Rodriguez

March 11, 2020


This app is absolutely amazing !!!!! My favorite story is The New Girl. The only thing is definitely not my favorite is that when you read 2 or 3 chapters you have to wait about 3 hours for your next 2 or 3 tickets and it just keeps on going so it makes you VERYY curious of what's gonna happened nex...

Ana Carreiro

March 18, 2020


It is amazing after I just started reading the stories I got so connected to them when it ended for each chapter I didn't want it to end. It got so juicy to me but.I do not like how it takes like 2-3 hours just to get passes to enter the next chapter and I also wanted to point out that whe you get t...

Ťeam KP

March 13, 2020


Great app. I love how it's literally like you're binge watching (reading?) these little random shows basically, and you can create your own characters and make yourself the star in the show if you want. The only thing is some of the choices you have to PAY for. Which is annoying because if you can't...


March 10, 2020


Love episode, addictive ! The only downside is you get only four tickets and have to wait 3.5hrs to refill. I have purchased extra tickets but they are way too overpriced. Need to have a month pass or something. And two ads every chapter is too much, especially when you pay for extra tickets and the...

Dxmb Dxmples

March 17, 2020


The fact that I have to read 27 books to read my favorite one is ridiculous. I cant even make my own profile or see others profile which is dumb. They dont tell us whether or not a story is complete or still in the making which makes me mad. They make us wait ridulculos times for more tickets and ev...

BenchyTheBanana :3

March 1, 2020


I think episode is a great game but the fact that you need gems to do almost anything good is very annoying. I would be ok if you only needed 2 or MABYE 3 gems or less but anything over 15 is overpriced and gems are really hard to get. I hope you take this feedback seriously and it affects you if yo...

Megan Michaud

February 29, 2020


The only thing I don't like is there isn't another way for non members to get gems so you can have better options (choose the better choice in the story.) And the fact that non members can't get better character options. Like hair style, color, clothes etc.) Besides my whining of not being a member....

Czuaian Kramana

March 14, 2020


Before episode became a hit I was one of the people who is addicted to this game. Unfortunately i was gone for a few years. But now that I'm back I can definitely say that I loved the older version. The reason I came back is because I want to see the new stories and unfortunately the new update didn...


March 13, 2020


Ever since your last update I can't even get on the app for my account. I have no access to my stories and I can't write without the app. I have a tablet I write on and the previewer doesn't work it keeps reloading. I submitted a ticket and the last I heard from them was Saturday. I spend money on t...

Episode InteractiveMarch 10, 2020

We're so sorry to hear about this. So we can help you out, can you send us a ticket at http://bit.ly/EpisodeHelp ? Thanks!


March 18, 2020

The game is really interesting! No offense. But don't yall think that you need donate too much money for the game? Some peoples already hacking this game for gems and tickets. My suggestion is at least like get tickets in 1-2 hours and also for beginners give gems atleast like 50-40 to make it fair....

tsuwu exe

March 11, 2020


Very fun game, I used to play it a lot when I was 11 and I picked it back up recently. I'm amazed at the inclusion of lgbt couples and I'm super happy, but I think it would be just a little more fun if you presented the option to change the names of your lovers/enemies. I would personally love to ch...

CiCi Love

March 1, 2020


I played this game a few years back when you didn't have to pay for exciting scenes and content. If you don't pay upwards of 100$ for every story, and that's LOW balling it, you dont get to experience all of the stuff. It's a waste of money and I'm tired of having to pick the one and only boring cho...

Jay Castro

March 7, 2020


Wow. So I had this app for several years and I was enjoying it using it everyday. I notice the new update it has and I hate it. All the stories are blocked! Only 3 are unblocked and in order for you to unlock stories, you have to read a chapter of any book that is unlocked. That sucks because I do n...

james fazzani

March 16, 2020


The best game ever! Definetly in my top 5, but just 1 problem. You have to wait 3 HOURS until you get your next tickets to start a new chapter or story. Another bonus, there are literally 0 ads to annoy you!! I really really recommend this app, and once you download it, you won't regret it I SWEAR! ...

Daria Levac

March 1, 2020


Some of the Episode curated stories are interesting, but mostly plot railroaded with little option to affect anything. Nearly every interesting choice is locked behind a paywall and if you don't pick it, the story finds a way to shame you. The function to make you read only Episode originals to "unl...

Aliyah S. BW

March 14, 2020


I love everything about the game. Sorry, if I've been anything at all bad..I just wish you can get more tickets after waiting more hours. Than how many tickets you get. I thought of this, while in the shop. Maybe you can add a option where you can exchange gems for tickets to, if you can do these. I...

Rachel Smith

March 5, 2020


The graphics are AMAZING, however so far I am not finding the main character's personality relatable AT ALL, and you need gems for, like, everything, and the only way to get them seems to be by buying them or very, very slowly earning them while playing. Just have the option to watch ads like a norm...

Sara Holden

March 8, 2020


So basically its a good game you should download it, however i dont like how you only get 2 passes every 3/5 hours to play short a** stories there should be less be 4 passes every hour and i think that things shouldn't cost as much dimonds just to make a decision on something or for cloths, since yo...


March 15, 2020


I have always loved this app, I really enjoyed using it and the fact that I got to pick the stories I wanted to read. Although, ever since the new update I don't enjoy it as much, I don't get the option to pick the stories I wanted to read/play. Before the update when you ran out of passes they woul...

Jade Fishy

March 16, 2020


Its super fun to read and after reading a episode the ending of the first episode that you watched makes you want to read on and finish the story (like it makes you wonder what is going to happen in the next episode). So I gave it a 5/5 and this is probably the best app that I have ever play. And I ...

Autumn Blood

March 4, 2020


I've always loved this game until the last update. The amount of gems required per choice is not reasonable at all but it is what it is. However WHY has the pass for the monthly option with no ads suddenly gone?? It was a big part of why I enjoyed the stories and was willing to pay extra with it gon...

Okondu Jesulayomi

March 10, 2020


Hi. I love the game. But, i HATE the fact that we need gems to do fun things. Most times, im given the option to do something fun, i always need to have gems and the gems are Coming in REALLY slow. Because of that, i choose the boring, plain option and end up looking like a spoil sport. I take the g...

Nicolé Howley

March 10, 2020


I think it's great!only 1 thing is wrong.PASSES AND GEMS!!!!!why are they so hard to get.i was half way through a story and I needed a pass.SUDDENLY,it started a 4 HOUR TIMER!!!!!!!!!!please can we not need passes and get gems easier.im fed up of punching my ipad.can I please get a reply and don't h...

Jessica Howard

March 8, 2020


This is an amazing game, love the way it's like reading a book that came to life, what I don't like about it is you have to give diamonds in for everything, and to get diamonds you have to pay money for them, you also earn a diamond at the end of every chapter, which I like the concept of, despite o...

Samantha Krause

February 27, 2020


Really wish I had unlimited access again because watching adds isn't fun and they take forever to show and sometimes it crashes the game . I love this game but not having unlimited access is making me give a 1 star rating because i would pay to not have to go through that but now I guess I have to ....

A Google user

March 15, 2020


The game is amazing...I love the stories in it but I hate the fact that it refuses to open I've installed it and uninstalled about 3-4 times now and it just doesn't open and the last time I opened it...it did open but after I closed to wait for the pass to get restocked and opened it again it just d...

Shola Ward-Beecham

February 27, 2020


Since the update the other day the epsidoe app when you go on to it it's really zoomed and it totally different you can't even read the stories. It's too big and zoomed in. Also all my other apps are fine and working properly this is only happening in episode since the update. I have never had any p...

Nicole Swanson

March 9, 2020


Sorry it took this long to write a review....I accidentally kept ignoring what I was reading & said I did like the game then realizing it was a message saying what you like to rate this game lol......so here I am finally looking at the "rate us" message the right way......this game is so much fun......

Depression Gacha

March 11, 2020


I really like this game, but expect that all the good choices have to be chosen with your diamonds. I think it would be mean to make them have to pay diamonds, when it's their first time playing the game. They should be given a chance, but after all.. I love this game. That's just the thing that had...

Alta Joubert

February 27, 2020


I love this game so much. But I hate the update where you have to read a number of chapters and sories before getting the rest of the stories. And!!! I HATE how all the awesome choices cost like 39 Diamonds when you only get ONE when completing an episode. Like be one of those games that doesnt ask ...

Erc Xi

March 14, 2020


This is great romantic game i hv experienced. But it takes gems which is really very slow earning and needs pass to continue each chapter... But the graphics and story is exciting... feels like a real movie is played... There must be some options added to earn gems and passes... Such as watching ads...

Raven Star

March 15, 2020


It's a fun app, it's just the gems. You barely earn any and the really awesome stuff to pick cost 19+ gems and it takes a while to earn them. I absolutely love this, it's an interactive story. However I just wish the gem activities weren't so much and wish we earned them in more than just completing...

A Google user

March 18, 2020


Hi!! Episode i literally love your app it's truly amazing & appreciable i will always use this app for my lifetime it amazing stories specially Some Writers are incredible .. love using this app . This app also consume very low amount of data though there are so high quality graphics & also I love a...

Kirsty Adams

March 12, 2020


How come you can no longer pay for unlimited passes for 30 days anymore?? Would be 5 stars again if this was the case!! Ruins game play waiting!! Actually losing my money with these new updates!! Was happy to spend the £8 monthly for unlimited game play but I wont pay for passes and have to watch ad...

Abbi Crowther

March 6, 2020


The game was really good. The set up the idea that I can design my character all of it. My only concern is that when you first get on the game, you don't have any gems so you have to stick to the basic. You obviously have to play more to be able to afford anything and when you finally have enough, t...


March 11, 2020


It would not let me on the authors profile and it said it will be back in the next update but when is the next update because I am not normally an immediate person but it is really bugging me, so much how can I fix it? BUT I do really love this game yeah sometimes it gets on my nerves but I play it ...

Missy Lopez

March 13, 2020


Your game sucks after the last update. I used to love this app but not any more you are just getting to greedy you took away the value pacs because you think readers will pay for gems and tickets and what's with the search part all you get are the stories you want us to have I rate you -5stars becau...

Derek DeLizo

March 13, 2020


This app is only fun if you are willing to drop real hard earned money on it. You can only read two chapters at a time from a story then you have to wait 3.5 hours for them to recharge or you can pay to get more tickets. In addition, all of the plotlines that could make the story interesting are req...

Heather Spencer

March 13, 2020


I really like the concept of this game and find it entertaining but it's super annoying that all the good choices and or costumes etc. In the game cost you a load of gems, like the creators expect you to spend you hard earned money on gems just to play...Really takes the fun out of it. The earn to s...

Madisyn Palomo

February 28, 2020


At first this was one of my favorite games but then in December I couldn't see the characters and it had a green and yellow pixel like looking so I would really appreciate it if you could fix that. Another thing that I want you to update is that you can reset the game process like you just first ins...

Kim Steed

March 9, 2020


This is a great game however the amount of money you have to pay just to wear a different outfit or do something is a scam. I paid 5 dollars for gems and I got to use them once in one chapter. If you actually buy gems and were to use them for every scene in every chapter it would cost you upwards of...

Mai Ramos

March 9, 2020


Dear Episode Interactive (please, respond ASAP), After you make an update to the game, and I updated Episode, it started to glitch and I can't play it again. Then after that glitch happened, I deleted the app and downloaded it again, then the Terms of Services showed up, I pressed the "OK" button, t...

Maleah Burrell

March 1, 2020


I used to be obssed with this app but the latest update is so stupid! You now have to read thier stories in order to get other stories! And... You have to read 27 stories! To read real peoples stories. The only reason I got this game again is because I wanted to read my all time favorite story. But ...

Episode InteractiveMarch 4, 2020

Hey there, we'd love to help you out with this! Please send in a ticket to our support team by going to episodesupport.zendesk.com. Make sure to include your Support ID (found in the settings menu inside the game).

Lisa Johnson

March 6, 2020


Episode latest changes is really making me not want to use this app anymore. You are making this hard for the reader to enjoy the stories. You want absolute control over the author's work and make it too expensive for both. It used to be my favorite app. Now its just too much. You are getting very g...

lilly weaver

March 11, 2020

I give this game 4 stars because I love the story's and the game in general but the dimonds need to be lowered by a lot (the dimonds in game just for 1 little thing it is like 90 to 100 dimonds that dosen't really pay off) I feel like in the beginning we should get a good 100 to 1000 dimonds and if ...

Sofia Cristobal

March 16, 2020

Its really a fun game. But the tickets take too long to load and we only get 2 every 3 hours. Plus there is no way that we can be able to get gems at all. :/ There are great and awesome choices but sadly they dont give free gems or a way to get free gems. That's the total bummer there.

Aisling Bradshaw

March 15, 2020


I love this app and the stories but they need to get rid of the whole "read x amount of chapters to actually pick a story" it's stupid and annoying. I downloaded this app to read a story a friend recommended to me and after months I still can't read it because the stories I'm forced to watch are bor...

Ada Royal

March 17, 2020


I have been a fan of Episode since 2015 and this game used to be soo great...But it got worse ever since the last update. EVEN BEFORE THAT. That makes me so sad . It really dystroyed my heart . I'm sorry but I don't think I can play this game any more. Thank you for letting me play this game. Goodby...

Safi Bully

March 4, 2020


I took out a star because the game took out the 30 day pass option and it has decreased the amount of time I spend on this game. I would like to go back to reading my episodes but I will not do so until the game makers bring back that option FOR EVERYONE!! My sister has the option on her game but I ...

Deb Schmidt

February 29, 2020


A fun game but keeps jaming up, and I get alot of time when the charactors are blocked out with a strange pattern. Also there should be more choices than either buy one or go with so-so wRdrobe or pay always for the best choice. Too rich gor my budget. Also I get no credit for many of the games I si...

cool kid 101

March 2, 2020


I gave this app 4 stars because there are pros and cons to ot the pros are that there are sk many different and interesting stories that you can choose from. By the way I HIGHLY recommend " Why me ". The cons are that sometimes you have to pay gems to pick a option and it takes a long time to get a ...

KikiSauce 101

March 5, 2020


Episode is amazing. It literally has amazing stories. You can never be bored with it. My favorite is "Rule Breaker" I love it so much. It's so fun. I don't really know who to explain it. I love the fact where you have to read 3 chapters until you get another story. It's just more fun that way, ya kn...

Nixie Bee

March 8, 2020


I used to love this app before you changed the way to make story's, it used to be so fun and I used to love just be reading/watching a story just to get inspired to continue mine but you have now changed it and it is SO DIFFICULT to understand please change it back to the old way...+ You need gems t...

Trinity Smith

March 7, 2020


I love this game and the anticipation that comes from waiting for episode passes to renew. I give only four stars because I hate how you get a limited story selection when you finish one and want to start another. If that changed, and you get more options, definitely five stars. Also, could you guys...

Angela Angie

March 5, 2020


luv it! amazing stories from very talented writers. I still love episode stories but with the new update, I don't like it. We can't even see the other stories of the author, which we could before and now we can't. Also we had the option of restarting the story and you took it away. Why? Not happy wi...

Shafaq Aggarwal

March 6, 2020


The game is very interesting... Nd.. I love the game..!!! I would have rated it 5 stars.. But.. There is some problem with gems ..Few days back.. . When I was playing the game I had around 30 gems .. But. After some time... When I came back to play the game again.. I found that my gems were around 1...

Alonzo Queen

March 17, 2020

I was willing to give it 5 stars but the only problem is tickets and gems we can't play a long time bcoz of tickets and gems are only very few and that only gems are applied to all the stories................and I think you should add more hairstyle..................... And accessories like jewels, ...

Jasmine Tate

February 29, 2020


They need to give more gems because most of the options I choose you need a lot of gems for like to get a new dress or something else that you want and sometimes I don't have any gems at all. You also need to stop giving 3 to 4 hours just to wait for 4 tickets please give at least 1 hour for 6 ticke...

Ava Robinson

February 27, 2020

The game itself is great! The fact that you have to pay for almost everything is very upsetting. I think they need to give you more gems at the end of an episode and make the amount of gems it takes to unlock the extras smaller. Other than the gems I love the game and it's stories!


Version Size Requirements Date
2736 - 2.2.1 72M 4.2 and up 16/11/2019